Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mad House

No clue what I was thinking today when I decided it would be a GREAT idea to have almost all the 5yo's in the neighborhood over! 2 and a half weeks, just me and the lovins...sanity went out the window last Wednesday! But originally, I was just going to watch Mackenzie...which was actually doing me a favor by keeping Ryan occupied! ;) But, one by one they trickled into the house and up to Ryan's room! For the most part they all played really well together! There was a spat during lunch about who should sit where...but, that was about it! In the afternoon we all headed outside for some popsicles and running around!
Darth Vader
This kept them busy for a while...
Can you spot the Katydid!?
[I cropped in closer so it would be easier to spot!'

Boys being boys...antagonizing the Katydid The cutest Mr. Magoo I've ever seen! Big helper...watering daddy's flowers while he's away

Soooo...the fun lasted ALL day. And it wasn't till about 6:15 that I realised I hadn't fed my kids and that we would soon be meeting Brooke @ Barnes & Noble for some Starbucks and train table action! So, I piled them into the car and we were off...making a quick detour @ Chick-fil-A for a couple 'chicken burgers'!

The lighting in Barnes & Noble is so yellow that they just look better in black & white! That is one BIG cookie, Lambie! Under special skills, Lauren will list: Destroying B & N! Moving on to the next shelf... Don't do it, Lambie! She's a handful...to say the least!

...and everything was put back where it belongs! Daddy comes home tomorrow!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Peek-a-Boo & Park Pics

.peek a boo.
Not much going on these days...we are just counting down till Fred gets home! We mostly just spend our days chillen' out in the nice cool AC, splashing around the Spray Ground or hanging out with our neighbors. These are just a couple pics taken over the last few days...nothing too exciting!
Just keeping cool on Saturday too bright... Keeping her out of trouble!
.silly boys.
chicken hawk
The girls enjoying their drinks while Ryan escorts them home on his scooter!
Chicken nuggets & olives for a late lunch...
Here's my shoe!
Not always friends...but they have their moments!
Liliana was SO photogenic today!
[usually it's my kids asking to have their pic taken]
I can do them in black & white too, Linds!
[I left them alone so you could edit youself, if you wanted]
Whelp, the lovins are sleeping && I'm about to vacuum && then veg out with some Tazo! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...still missing you, Babe!
Mom: Please send me any pix you took of Kai & Christina this weekend!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Park Pics

Wednesday we had playgroup @ Forsyth...you all know how much I love this park and the area of Savannah that its in...so I'll just post a few quick pics! Unbelievably scary...she's so independent
Ry & CaitlinHe's a dork! Just being a grump...
Fine! I'll put my own shoes on!
Just a little Max & Ryan cuteness
From today...hanging out on the neighborhood playground!
My Monkeys
The kids and I are just counting down the days till Fred gets home!
Miss you, lots!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honeybomb Bay Liner

Whelp, that didn't take long...ordering a custom liner, that is! I had the stroller less than a week before I was on the hunt for something to spruce it up...but, finding someone who could make it became a problem...one lady was seriously back logged, another didn't get back to me at all but, luckily I found a fellow S&P'r with mad sewing skills ;) who whipped up this little number for me! This fabric its just so cute & fun, I love it. It's from Erin McMorris' Park Slope collection.
.Poppy Dots. The reverse is Birds It's got Lambie's seal of approval!
Now to order new textiles...I'm thinking Olive!? Ps. This looks great on the Lime Zapp too...
Here is a link to Honeybomb Bay

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fred...in Texas!

Powering down to get out of the way of the approaching storm...hence the nasty clouds in the background! Fred sent me a bunch of pics from Texas, where they are training! I am so proud of him...he sent me 2 sets of photo's for each pose...one with the guys all serious and one with them all smiley! Hahaha...I just picked through and posted the better of the 2!
I don't know what my husband thinks he is doing growing out the Hitler-stache...but, it better be gone by the time he touches back down here in Savannah!!! [I know you are reading this, too babe!]
Smiley Group shot...I couldn't name them all even if I wanted too! But the tall one in the middle is mine!
Thanks for the pics, Babe. We miss you SO much! Can't wait for you to get home...MUAH!
.i la foo.