Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gorgeous weather, yay!

After chilly blah weather and even snow...this amazing sunshine was long overdue!!! Kailee decided she wanted to 'hang at the mall' w/her friends [and Monica's Mom] so after dropping her off, the little loves and I headed to Starbucks [which was totally unnecessary] and then down to Forsyth Park! On the way I gave Brooke a text and she just couldn't pass up the chance to run around in the fabulous weather either, so she met up with us...yay!
She'll probably kill me for posting this...LOL
I wonder where the holes in the knee's come from!?
...and this is why the pit stop at Starbucks was unnecessary...
There is a cafe in Forsyth that brews all their yummy drinks, has yummy food and serves good beer on tap! I can't wait for my hubby to come home...I think it'll definitely be a fam fave hangout!
We weren't the only ones taking advantage of the weather...
Ryan & his little GF MacKenzie
[I tried so hard to get a good shot...this is the best]
.Tickle Monster.
The gorgeous new fountain attached to the cafe/stage!
.Run Run.
[look how crowded the place is]
.Super Baby.
.our girl.
Like I didn't LOVE Forsyth before...I SERIOUSLY LOVE it now!!! The toddler area is back open, there are lots of places to lounge around...I can't wait for another gorgeous weekend, fingers crossed we won't have to wait too long!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yummy fun kinda day!

What's more yummy & fun than a picnic?!
...a picnic w/like 100 pre-k'ers! LOL [way more fun for Lambie than me though] It was our first day of gorgeous weather in awhile, so we jumped at the opportunity to picnic @ Hull Park w/the Maggie's gang!
She is SUCH a big girl...where is my baby!?
Just swinging away...
...and since is was a day for Yummy Fun, I surprised the lovins with dinner at Masato's! They LOVE hibachi and we haven't been in awhile...so why not!?
Ryan and this dog go EVERYWHERE together... She LOVES the soup...too bad more lands on her shirt than in her mouth!
The classic onion volcano pic...
Since, this gorgeous weather is continuing, the lovins and I are off to enjoy the sunshine...I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Hopefully, we'll have more pics to come...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Columbia, SC...Part II

Sunday...aka Valentine's Day...was spent @ Edventure, which is a hands on Children's Museum in downtown Columbia, SC! Our original plan was the Zoo...but, with the snow and chilly weather we needed to come up with a plan B...and quick! So thanks to Google, we found this place...and I'm SO glad we did, because it's pretty great! Our first stop was the 'Worlds Largest Child'...which we later figured out was more than just a statue...inside the boy, there were tubes and slides that resemble our inner 'workings'...LOL But, Ryan was VERY eager to check out the life size fire engine, slap on a pair of boots and mini fire fighter jacket and slide down the pole! So we kept it moving...Lambie was also a fan!Our next stop was Snowville...where you could play a game of hockey or go ice fishing!The slide was fun...our Miss Priss!The Wild Child...and our Speed Demon!Look Brooke...MORE snow!Moving onto The World of Work Operation anyone!?
Don't even think about it...
Kailee & Lambie's FAVE exhibit!
A mini-Piggly Wiggly...
Try a bite at Lil Birds Diner!
My Garden...for 3 & under, but that didn't stop Ry from having fun putting on a puppet show for Lambie!
.Monkey King, a story from China.
.Mission: Imagination.
You knew I had to do it...LOL Too much fun!
.The Aha Factory.
Chatting it up with Daddy...recently, every night she tells me, "I miss Daddy" as she climbs into bed. She's not sad, just stating a fact! So I play her his voice that's tucked into her Lambie, she just smiles and snuggles up! Ugh...it's the sweetest thing! He can't come home soon enough!
I [geek] him!
The Mama's & her Lovins
On our way out...MORE Snow...LOL
There are SO many more exhibits that aren't shown, either I didn't get a chance to resize them [because yes, I'm running out of memory on the blog] or they were closed because of the weather! The ONLY thing that could've made this trip better, would of course be...to have Fred with us! But Brooke is a ball of fun and a HUGE lifesaver! Our little getaway was definitely worth the 3 hour [thanks to the snow] drive. It's a trip we'll be making again when Fred comes home! I hope that everyone had a special Valentine's Day...ours is one we will not soon forget!