Monday, August 30, 2010

.First & Last. of Mom's visit was Sunday.So we decided to head down to Jax alittle early and grab lunch, before dropping Grandma off at the Airport!
[they're silly]Awww...time for goodbye's!
We almost made it out of there tear-free...but only 'almost'.
They went in for goodbye hug #2 and Kai lost it!
So we've had 2 special visitors recently, I'm basking in the Cali Love and just soakin' it all's really been wonderful and a huge help in getting through the last couple months of deployment, which always seem to drag on! The kids loved having G-ma around and I was sure missin' my Mama.
But, with the summer vacay coming to a was time to say goodbye to G-ma and buckle down for the... of school
The Arts program has moved...this is the cool new d'town location! SCAD came in and did an Extreme Home Makeover on the & sculptures everywhere.
It'll be interesting to see what the year has in store!?
Off to Ry's school, where he is returning as a BIG 1st grader! This year the school is military kids only, as they are relocating it on post next year. In fact, they are busy building it [across from our housing area] as we speak...This is the main reason we kept Ryan here and didn't have him 'grandfathered' into the program at Kai's school. We love our DOD schools! :]
No more kiddie cubbies w/'s a 'big kid' class! SO excited to be there! Lambie actually tried to claim a chair and stay in Ry's class [sorry kiddo, next year...], but was easily persuaded to leave w/the promise of Starbucks.
So we split a croissant and played ponies for a bit...
I tried to procrastinate as long as possible, but a pile of laundry was calling my name! :/ Man, with the kids off to school...I sure am on top of this bloggin' thing! LOL

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday w/the Sand Gnats

Our morning started with breakfast @ The Original Pancake House w/Brooke...YUM!!! Then it was off to Barnes & Noble for some Starbucks, while the kids played with the train table! Side note: I'm pretty sure my mom would adopt Brooke, if she could! LOL
.my fave girls.
So, Ryan's been begging to see fireworks for weeks [since 4th of July] But, they haven't had any at the Sand Gnats post game till we packed up and headed over to Grayson Stadium. The Gnats have been on a roll lately...and the games are always more exciting when your team is winning! ;]
Even in all the music, announcing & cheering...she slept like a rock!.Kailee playing ball w/Gavin..taking a breather.Look who woke up!!! LOL Back to work, sissy!The fireworks did not disappoint! Ryan LOVED 'em!
...and this is about when it started to POUR!!! LOL We raced to the car and were completely soaked by the time we got there! Atleast they held off till after the fireworks!?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Life, as a beach bum...

.Beach Pics & LOTS of 'em.
It hasn't been as hot as usual around here...atleast not out on Tybee. We spent 2 fun days in the sun and didn't sweat profusely as usual. LOL But, it was definitely warm enough to enjoy the water!!!
Ry, being busy as usual... Kai, sinking the floaty... .the jetties. Hmmmm...what did he find!?
.blue crab.
...we caught him.
[showed Gma...than quickly released him]
Yup...Grandma's here! Silly hat...
Our 2nd day on Tybee we were joined by Brookie...yay!
We found the raft & Lambie's puddlejumpers...for weeks they've been missing. I left them at the pool & Brooke has had them ever since, however she kept forgetting to mention that! LOL
.more digging.
.our masterpiece. .love my mama.
.just the girls.
.soakin' up the sun. .i la foo.
[we miss you, baby]
I'm so lagging on this bloggin'...but we are keeping pretty busy. Last night we had both the big loves open houses which took longer than expected...and right now, Kai is upstairs taking a nap before we head to the Sand Gnats game tonight. LOL Our lives are always...GO GO GO! But, I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kai's home & my Mom's here...YAY!

It's been a long summer but, Kai is finally home! And she brought with her...Grandma Carolyn. YAY! Their flight didn't get in till late and we didn't get home till even later. So my mom's brilliant idea to get up early and go out to eat for breakfast, was far from reality considering we stayed up till 3:30am catching up & hanging breakfast turned into lunch. LOL Luckily, J. Christopher's is delicious, open & serving breakfast till 2pm...Mmm!
.Lambie & Grandma. .my Kai-bears.
Since we were already d'town, strolling Broughton sounded like we started @ one end and walked all the way to Leopold's, which we've had 3 times in the last week...LOL and it was the only thing keeping the kids motivated as we browsed the shops!
With school right around the corner, we did alittle shopping...picked up all their school supplies and a couple other things that weren't on the list! LOL Like...
...Pugsley! .piggy love.
.Dinner @ Houlihans.
Haha...little brothers!
.my boy..goofs.LOL Maybe it's genetic!? On our way home, we made a quick stop at Lotts Island. Where we ran into a recent acquaintance, Mel...who was out catching crab, but in one basket managed to catch a shrimp!
So yesterday was busy and topped off with another LATE night! LOL Definitely more pics to stay tuned!