Monday, March 30, 2009

A room fit for a 'tween'!

Kailee's room is finally finished! Our weekend reno spilled over into Monday...and if it was up to me I'd still be adding projects to the list! I'd like to do something over her bed, I've been searching through wall vinyls and prints but nothing has caught my eye! Anyways...Kailee and I are both, more than happy with the end result! She had a huge hand in redecorating...from helping paint, to picking the drapes herself! She also cleaned out her closet and donated almost 2 full garbage bags to Goodwill!
[AFTER cleaning out the closet]
There is also another foot & a half of closet on either side of the door...she has to keep a stool in the closet just to reach some of her clothes!
Our little 'art project'... Who let her grow up!?
Kailee [aka Miss Sassy Pants] clue!?
That's just what she called herself as she was flipping the boa! [!] The lava lamp was a birthday gift from her BFF Amber!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The color purple

Fred worked SO hard, while home on R & R to measure and tape these stripes, so that it matched Kailee's last bedding set! Now, that she's got the queen bedroom suite, the full size bedding...just wasn't cutting it! I really did try to find bedding in coordinating colors so that we wouldn't have to such luck! So we bought new bedding and every imaginable accessory. I can't complain...that meant LOTS of shopping.
Today we primed & painted!
Kailee did quite a bit of painting...mostly the middle area!
*Ta Da* The room is still a [serious] work in progress! We are also repainting the circles that covered the long wall, as well as the one with the window since they no longer match either...hopefully, we'll get that wrapped up tomorrow. [stay tuned for more pics]

Friday, March 27, 2009


My Anniversary gift arrived!
We all know I'm a total 'Mamarazzi' when it comes to taking pics of my 3,000 miles away & 2 deployments w/another in just a few months does that to ya! I've been doing just fine with our new little Canon point & shoot...but, with our upcoming trip to H.H. I wanted to be able to get some really good shots!
It got here minutes before Fred got home for I waited to open it! It got even better cause he brought Starbucks...Yum!I'm in's so pretty!It came w/an 18-55 IS lens
Fred is already plotting which lens to get next...I think he might be more into this camera thing than me! I just want a cute strap & bag...Ha! Yay! Lots of buttons that I have NO clue what they're for! OMG...CHARGE ALREADY! I dunno if I'll have time to really test out the camera this weekend...we are repainting Miss Kailee's room. [I'll be sure to post pics of that though]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Anniverary

How much fun can you really have on a Tuesday night!? We started out the evening by taking in a movie. It wasn't bad...but, I think we both would've rather seen 'I love you, Man'! Ha! After dinner we headed downtown to Moon River Brewing Co. We love this place. It's right on Bay St. Fred is a fan of the beer & I'm a sucker for their garlic fries! [reminds me of home] Service was super slow, but it gave us a chance to talk...without any interruptions! After dinner we walked around downtown, it was a gorgeous day, got a little chilly in the evening though! Anyways, we ended up @ City Market. Which is perfect because the 6th Anniversary is CANDY! So we swung into the Savannah Candy Kitchen and picked up a few goodies...
Chocolate covered EVERYTHING!
[marshmallows, oreo's & peanut clusters] Just snuggin'
The Parking Structure sign was right in front of us, as we walked out of the elevator. It was kinda cute cause outa no where Fred motioned to the sign and said, PS. I love you! I couldn't help but snap a pic and add a little something. [thx to picnik]
It was an awesome, mellow evening! We exchanged gifts...nothing nearly as exciting as last year! Especially, when it's just an on-line order receipt inside a card! should get here Monday-ish. I'll be sure to post pics! But, I did get a new bag that Fred's been holding hostage till last night...ETA: It should get here 3/27 [Woo Hoo]Looks like someone got a hold of my chocolate covered marshmallows...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

6 years and counting...

This is about as good a blog as you're gonna get out of me today! Fred and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary, I've already spent the afternoon shopping & primping [mani~pedi's, yay!] He's taking off early from work and we are out of here, just the two of us! [thank god for babysitters] I'll update w/all the mushy details tomorrow...
Hope everyone has a fabulous evening!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sissy's got some big shoes to fill

Lauren had an insane amount of fun traipsing up and down the hall in Kailee's shoes!
Trying to get the hang of walking in too big shoes
Busting up laughing cause she fell out of them while running Who knew shoes were so much fun!?
Time to bring in the bags from my afternoon shopping excursion...No where was safe, Gap...Gymboree...the GameStop! I even ventured to Walmart for the first time in MONTHS. [only to buy kiddie hangers]
I didn't realise we were down to less than 2 weeks, before our upcoming vacay! I better get my butt in gear, lots of shopping to do!

Weekend wrap-up

OMG, these two are the freakin' cutest!
They are so little, but already so's amazing!
[Ryan 4yo-Jake 5yo]
It is so much fun watching them skate together, passing the puck...helping each other up when the other one falls! I hope they get to play hockey together for a while! Jacklyn [Jake's lil sis] & Lambie
Watching their big bubbies practice
Watching the big boys play hockey, while daddy watches Ry Kailee & her friend Sydney came with us...they fed the 'yucky ducks' and then sat in the car for the rest of the practice, sipping their double chocolate chip frapp's & watching a movie! [pre-teens!?]
.Bubble Wrap.
While cleaning out the garage we found tons of bubble we layed some of it out and let Ry have at it!
I seriously have no idea what got into us. After all our usual weekend activities, I had no intention of cleaning out the garage. [However, it has been at the top of my list ever since Fred got home from Iraq and dumped his bagillion tough boxes everywhere]. We made a little head way a few months back but there was still no way my car would fit!
It does now!!!
[keep in mind it's just a tiny 1 car garage]
Plenty of room for bikes and scooters and I can get them out of our front room!
Woo Hoo
.Sunday Sangria.
After all our hard work and the kiddo's tucked in for the night...nothing sounded better then sippin' sangria, snuggin' up and watching the Sharks game! Fred used a nice little Napa Cabernet Sauvignon this time, so it came out a bit darker than usual. Still, oh so yummy though!
Yes, I wear glasses...I know, I'm looking rough.
It was a long day...hence, the Sangria!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung

What better way to Welcome Spring than outdoors in the fabulous sunshine!? [however deceiving, as it was rather windy] This weekend we took the lovins to Skidaway Island State Park for the "GO-pher a Carnival"! It was just a little kiddie carnival w/a petting zoo, bounce house, BBQ...etc. Plenty of fun for a Saturday afternoon!
Itty Bitty Gator
Itty Bitty Horse
Lambie going for her first pony ride on Dude!
Craft time-Making masks
It's a bird, it's a plane...Cat Man
Almost 5'
[where's my baby!?]
Crazy Baby
Picking from the Lollipop tree Where's the Lucky Duck?! Ryan playing ring toss
Diggin' for buried treasure
Big Bubbles, not so fun when they are headed straight for you!
[someone pop that thing]
Kailee learned how to blow bubbles into bubbles from the GA BubbleMan!
Her masterpiece...
...more bubbles in bubbles I love this little freckle face!