Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charleston Bound: Day 4

Man, this vacay is flying by...I can't believe the weekend is already here and soon Jenna will be hopping on a plane back to Cali! :[ No bueno! But, the upside to that's flying by, because we have been having too much fun.
Jenna, being the social butterfly that she is. Was chatting it up w/some randoms @ the Sand Gnats game who suggested we try Magnolia's [Uptown...Downtown] Well, it certainly paid off...cause lunch was delish!
Tic-Tac-Toe She set down the beer...just long enough to sip on some sweet tea!
Blue Crab, sweet corn & smoked bacon ravioli's
[she's brave...I stuck to Southern Caesar Salad]
Ryan's cheese burger...big enough for two!
We strolled around for hours...Charleston is beautiful!!!
...and random!
But, just as we were about to head over to the aquarium...the skies opened up and it began to pour! So we snuck into a Starbucks to escape the rain...
.watching it rain. finally stopped. Unfortunately, by the time it did...there was no time for the aquarium, so we hit up King St. which has some FABULOUS shopping! AND the most delicious cupcake store...called Cupcakes! Which we saved till we got home...such a yummy treat! You can't see it, but Lambie is rockin' her shirt from Cupcakes! Aside from the bout of rain...the weather was gorgeous, the kids were behaved the sights were beautiful & the shopping was endless...It was the perfect day trip!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Day 3

Not much to say...just an afternoon out at the ball game with Brookie, Lindsay, Jenna, a few other ladies & the Lovins of course...! It was hot & humid...thank god for sweet tea & cold beer! LOL
Jenna just HAD to get them Dippin' Dots... Lambie, making friends... SO happy she came to visit!!!

We will...we will...ROCK YOU!

It was a pretty late night, for a Thursday. Especially since we were up & at 'em pretty early today, so we could get on the road to Charleston! It's Friday...whoop! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seeing the sights: Day 2

Doing the 'touristy' thing...lunch downtown @ Carlito's, River Street & then Forsyth...where we met up w/Brookie & spent the majority of our afternoon! 'Cause it's one of our fave things to do...
.posted up on River Street. In front of the famous Forsyth fountain... .strolling with Lambie. .Lucky Duck. Attempting to break
Being pushed by Jenna on the swings...
Look what Jenna taught he wasn't a crazy daredevil before!?
Shaking out the tanbark & putting her shoes back on...
[Gah, she's getting too BIG]
.Mommy's Girl.
Why we love Forsyth: Randomness!
Lambie petting 'Tank'...
Ryan walking the Giant Argentine Tegu!
In the Fragrance Garden!
.so sweet.
It was a humid one...but worth it! We all had a blast sipping our Starbucks or beers...watching the kids and checking out the sights. I can't believe how quickly Jenna's visit is going...I'm gonna miss her bunches! :[

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jenna's 1

Yay...I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about our visitor!!! All the way from Cali, she's the first of my friends to visit. I am so grateful she took the time to come all the way out here...we haven't seen each other in almost 4 years, but we talk everyday! Sitting on the couch 2ft away from each other was the oddest thing...mostly because it felt like no time had passed at's 2 days in & we are already back to our old antics & having a blast!
Day 1: Tybee Island
[Jenna Bo] Any day on Tybee, includes our wonderful Brookie... Ryan chillaxin' Soaking up some rays!
It wasn't long till we were back in the water...trying to beat the heat!
Lambie thought Bumblebee wanted a ride...
...which led to Ryan wanting a ride...
...and then of course Lambie HAD to ride too! lol
[Definitely her workout for the day] ...and Brookie's workout! kids are a handful!
Eventually, we started to get a bit we left our stuff & headed over to Spanky's!
Then we took a walk on the pier...
Where some random guy caught a shark...its alive, he threw it back!
Wondering what else is down there...!?
Taking a breather, before heading back to the beach...
Oh! Did I mentioned Ry talked me into buying him a boogie board?! And if you're thinking..."That's not a boogie board!"'d be correct...getting the 'ok' on a boogie board, led to instead buying a raft!
[insert eye roll]
Lambie passed out on our stroll back to the beach and slept through the rest of the afternoon!
Sadly, we had to pack up and say goodbye to Tybee, Brooke & our wonderful afternoon...but not before making one last stop @ the light house!
We were pleasantly surprised to return home to a package, patiently waiting for us! It's was from Fred...the kids were super thrilled and couldn't wait to get the box open!
She loves her 'yittle pony & yittle sheep'!
Daddy's the best...even 5,000 miles he does so much to make sure we know he cares! was another fabulous day! So stay tuned for those pics...
.Happy Hump Day.