Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat.

Happy Halloween.
While the big Lovins were at school, Emerald & I took the little girls to story time at Oatland Island.

We checked out a few of the animals, before heading to lunch [our favorite thing to do]!

Then home to get the kiddo's ready for Trick or Treating!

Sweet Alyssa, rockin' Lambie's Dorothy costume from a couple years ago.

 Even though she had another costume, she insisted on wearing Kai's old kimono!

lol. True best friends, coordinating their costumes.

Long walk, heading home to check out their loot.

Poor Chloe Carlos, passed out candy with Daddy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bugaboo Love.

We've got a new set of wheels in the house.
Like usual, the deal was too good to pass up...Hello, Bugaboo Cameleon!

Helping Mommy unpack the goodies.

Bugaboo + Petunia Pickle Bottom = LOVE

So many color combo's...I'm in heaven.

Pretty in Pink.

Uhmmmm. I suppose, once can never have too many pink/purple strollers!?

Yes. I'm well aware, that I 'may' have a problem...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Humm Baby.

Daddy may LOVE the Dodgers, but this one's a Humm Baby!

Thanks Aunt Laura for this awesome shirt, it sure made watching the Giants sweep the Tigers that much cooler!

Go Giants!

And a couple random pics...

She'd rather play outside of it, than jumping in it!?

This sweet face...kills me!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Savannah Food Day Festival

Off to Daffin Park for another one of Savannah's awesome events...and another opportunity to meet up with friends, eat & enjoy the gorgeous fall weather!
Cool Baby.

Sliding in style.

Pouchie Nom'ing.

Daddy, got the Lovins hooked on honey sticks!

Yes, once we realized they were handing out free samples...we parked it right in front of the Happy Family tent!

[Lambie & Jad]

Even Mr. Mo got in on the action.

 Banana or Color...Banana!

The Lovins picking out a few peppers & herbs before heading home!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Party.

Lambie was the only one to have a class party this year...a 'Fall Party'. 'Cause heaven forbid we celebrate Halloween!? Without thinking it through, I volunteered to bring 'fruit'...sounded simple enough. 30 fruit cups later and I'm no longer friends with my melon baller!

Our Pinkalicious.

Just watching the shenanigans.

[Cait & Cam's littlest Sis]

We are so happy to have Daddy home and joining in the school fun again!

Yummy treats at the Party.

After school we headed over to the Gordon's to pick up Kai. Tricia found an old shopping cart and Chloe was in heaven!

She pushed it up and down the driveway & street...and was VERY upset when we had to leave it there!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4/3 Haunted House.

Quick dinner at Chick-fil-A, pumpkin patch & facepainting!

...and then it was off to:
2nd Annual 4/3 Haunted House.
Last years was such a hit, they decided to do it again...only bigger & better!

Lambie & our neighbor Haley.

Argh. lol Anytime face paint is involved, he's begging to be a pirate.

It was a long day for little Miss...but she didn't stay asleep long.

...and when Sleeping Beauty woke, she was less than impressed. lol

Poor kid was terrified of the Zombies...till he realized we knew them and then it was ok!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


We have some very lucky Lovins. Miss Jenna sent them yummy See's all the way from California. Along with a cauldron to keep them in & some Spooky Cute potion bottles!!! Can't wait. Halloween is just around the corner...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Project.

Every month is a new 'family' project for Lambie's class. Obviously, being October...this month's project was to make pumpkin's with things around the house! So with a milk jug & some paint, we whipped up a cute little 'candy holder'...

She loves to paint!!!

Lambie painted the whole thing, cut out and glued his eyes/nose and Mommy made the stem & Kailee added a layer of glitter paint, to 'Lambie it up' a bit! lol

The candy goes in the mouth and you use the handle to carry it around, passing out 'freats'!
[Glitter paint, still wet]