Monday, February 21, 2011

.Busch Gardens.

.Day 3.

Lambie rides, while daddy takes the big lovins on roller coasters!

.so cute.

Kai feeding kangaroo's

Ry scoping out what roo to feed next...

Lambie sized coasters...riding w/Mr. Eli!

Thumbs up! They're ready to roll...

Round & round they go...

3 or 13...still fun!

Once was enough for Lambie braved the rapids alone!

Roller coasters are hungry work! Time for PIZZA...



.Kai Bear.

Buckled up for another ride.



They're gonna get soaked...Lambie is SO brave!

.OMG, drenched & loving it.

That wraps up another fun little getaway!

Friday, February 18, 2011

.Presidents Day Weekend.

.Day 1.
Stopping for the night in Jax for a little shopping & PF Changs. We mostly wanted to break up the 5 hour drive to Tampa, which at 16 weeks was already getting uncomfy!
.cheese. Kailee is WAY too observant... Lambie loves some egg drop soup!
.Day 2.
After a Starbucks pick me up, we where on the road to Tampa. We decided on the Marriot Waterside, because of it's ridiculously close proximity to The Forum & the Starbucks in the
The Forum...from our room! Told ya it was
When did hockey get cheerleaders!? lol
Lucky boys, got a pair of rockstar seats!
.GOAL. was full of ice cream!
Ryan & Daddy had a 'Guys Night Out', since Kailee and I did Beauty & the Beast! They had so much fun watching their fave sport...and even caught a bit of the concert after the game.
The girls & I had our own fun! A delicious dinner on the Marina w/Eli, Hunter & their girls...then we took a dip in the pool and finished the night w/chocolate brownies a la mode @ one of the hotel we didn't miss out on too much! lol

.15 & 16 weeks.

The Maybe Baby is growing strong...We had an ultrasound @ 15 weeks. HB is a healthy 146bpm and it's measuring a whole week ahead. So we are waiting for our next OB appt. to see if they are gonna bump up my due date!? The 'plan' was to wait & be surprised...but, since we live so far from family & they rarely get to be included in holidays, birthdays...etc. we thought a 'gender reveal' party in April [when we head home to Cali] would be a fun way to get them involved...originally WE were gonna wait too, but my man-child husband is all too impatient and [literally] bouncing in his seat, begged me to find we know, but we aren't saying! >] Mwahahaha...
There is a poll in the sidebar ~~~>
[if you want to cast your vote] .12 weeks. .16 weeks 6 days.

I love these 'weekly' stickers...My friend Sara clued me into them, she had 'monthly' ones stuck onto her adorable little boy! So after a quick Etsy search, I found this great seller...Purple Possom! I can't wait to order our 'monthly' stickers, SO many cute designs...

Monday, February 14, 2011

.Valentine's Day.

We didn't go all out for V-day. Fred & I, just did dinner [not on actual V-day, cause that's just] and the lovins got a few toys & goodies, but the big surprise was yet to come! Cause the next weekend we were off to Tampa...Yay!
Special Delivery: From Miss Jenna!
.See's Candy is seriously the BEST.
Kai had a school dance on the Friday prior to V-day. It was a 50's theme & she's already got a perfect costume, but none of her friends wanted to dress up. So we pieced together, this little number and even though it's PINK...she loved it!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We're Expecting!!!

Since we finally announced to the rest of the [facebook] world, I figured it was time to make it official on the blog! So here it is...
November 22, 2010 31st Birthday, we got our BFP!
Ps. Thanks to our fam & friends who've been keeping our secret since then! ;]
Our current due date is August 4th, 2011...
But, that may soon change because this little one has been consistently measuring a whole ahead.
Unfortunately, after going through a pretty devastating miscarriage in June...the Dr. decided to keep a very close eye on us this time around. It was a crazy 1st trimester, anxiously awaiting the next ultrasound, freaking at any sign of spotting...but, luckily for bean decided to stick around & we're THRILLED!

1st beach day of 2011

It was alittle chilly, thanks to the wind but the sun was what better way to spend a day, than squishing your toes in the sand!? Unless you're Kailee...and then you spend the day at the mall & movies with your friends! lol Teens!?
.Grandpa's Girl.

Keep running Ry! Burn off some of that endless energy...
He's crazy...
Checking out the Daddy's eye view...

It was great soaking up some vitamin D & freezing our piggies off in the surf, but I was just happy to see Brookie! The trip out to Tybee has me longing for summer though...