Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Sandbox & Hilton Head Island

February continues to be a busy month...right down to the very last day! It was supposed to rain all weekend [the weather did not disappoint] but, we managed to squeeze in some fun...
We took a 45 minute drive into Hilton Head, SC and spent the afternoon at the Sandbox. [an interactive children's museum] Bare with me...there are TONS of pics...but, atleast you get to scroll through them and didn't have to sit through the uploading! :o)
My little Picasso's
Climbing the rock wall
She's fearless...
Lambie the "Figurehead" ready for some dress up!?
I guess 1 pilot in the family isn't enough
Deciding what to bake next Vet tech Kailee
I wasn't really sure how much fun Kailee would have at a children's museum...but, she LOVED all the dress up...we also have pics of her as a police man and Ryan as a fire fighter...but, I am all uploading out! Tea time w/Lambie
Sitting 'criss cross applesauce' is an open invitation for Lauren to plop in your lap, this time she brought me a book! Lauren looking 'innocent'...I'm not touching anything... Mini shuffle board'll never finish a game w/Lambie around
Taking a breather...Spending sometime in the toddler area
How girls play... boys play!
Shake it, Baby!
This is the coolest. A big pit of moon sand!
After the Sandbox we had lunch at a bar & grill on the beach...took a nice little stroll through the sand...
Mommy & Daddy snuggin' away! The lovins on the beach
It's just gorgeous...I love this pram!
Hilton Head beaches are GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait for the kids spring break...Fred & I got a beach house for the week & my mom is flying in to visit with the grandkids. Yay!
Hope everyone enjoyed the pics...we certainly enjoyed the day!

She'll eat anything!

Just a couple Lambie pics...
[we'll get some new ones of Kailee up soon too]
Today @ Macaroni Grill
Enjoying some of Mommies Pesto w/chicken Ceasar Salad Delish!
All our kids are great eaters...but, it totally amazes me that Lauren LOVES salad!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pimp'd out the Pram

I really should start a whole new blog for "All things Mommy" cause we all know I'm addicted to strollers, diaper bags...etc!
Mama-La Custom Cover
[the fabric was chosen by me & is not offered on her site]
The set comes with 2 pieces.
The canopy & the liner...this is the liner with the original Bugaboo Bee hood ...and now the custom canopy! [FABULOUS] [from the top w/Mama-La logo]
Straight on view w/liner and canopy
We had a 'slight' delay in shipping...the fault clearly lies with the USPS, but that didn't make me any less anxious! When it finally arrived, like most was definitely worth the wait! The quality of the set & packaging are very professional and honestly way more than I expected! The canopy is atleast twice as thick as the actual Bee hood and lined with a thick quilted fabric. The seat liner is also lined on the reverse in a quilted 'satin' material. I will definitely be ordering another set for the Bee and possibly a little something for the Frog!
I think she approves... Fabulous sun coverage
..Link to Mama-La Website..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lil Gretzky

Ever since we took the kids to the Savannah Hockey Classic Ryan has been bugging us to get him a hockey stick. Well, we finally heard back from the Savannah Sting and they had their first practice yesterday afternoon. So we ran out and bought him his first pair of Rollerblades™ & some basic pads. [We have to order his gear off-line, cause whoda thunk hockey gear in the south!? Atleast not his size!]
The coach is great...he's from the Czech Republic so his accent is 'interesting' but the kids seem to understand him just fine! Putting some shots on net! The only break he took, long enough to grab some Gatorade and head back out onto the rink Skating around with the coach
...after 2 hours of straight skating, he was still heart broken when it was time to go!
BUT, he had a BLAST! He woke up this morning...came into our bedroom and the first thing he said to Fred was..."Lets go play hockey"! We've already been out to the rink once's amazing how coordinated he is at 4.5!
*updated with video*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ryan's Royal Ball

Ryan's school had a Royal Ball this afternoon!
[How lucky were we to find a King costume mid February!?]
The kids have been practicing their Waltz all week...the end result...SO CUTE!!!A feast fit for a King... Hmmm...Mommy is starting to wonder what was in the punch!?
The King of the Castle && his Prince
Mommy && her Prince Charming
[yes, I just happen to have this lying around...Warrant Officer Ball circa 2005]