Thursday, March 31, 2011

.22 weeks.

We had an OB check-up this morning! I'm feeling great & everything is looking good. Baby's HR was a steady 143bpm. We followed up our appt. w/lunch & alittle shopping! Sadly, nothing I can post because it's very gender specific...BUT, here are a few fun things we've picked up over the last month in preparation for our little one's arrival!
2011 Maxi Cosi Mico in Total Black Stokke Xplory Maxi Cosi adapters [easily pop on & off] And when you combine the Mico car seat, with the Xplory adapters you get...
One Fabulous travel system & a super happy Mama!!! :]
We also got the baby's bedding. Love Pottery Barn Kids! But, since we have 2 more weeks till our gender reveal party, you'll just have to guess which one we went with! Mwahaha
Hint: the polka dots in the middle is the actual crib skirt!

Monday, March 28, 2011

.Fun in the Sun.

.3.19.11. Last [last] Saturday was super gorgeous. The Beach was begging us to come out & soak up the sun, we willingly obliged! Too busy LMAO to actually get pics of them skim boarding!
Eli's paddle board was a HUGE hit!
K, we're done...thanks for dragging it back to the car, Eli!
Maddie found a TON of sand dollars!
After a lunch @ Spanky's and alittle more splashing around on the beach, we headed over to Eli & Hunter's for dinner! Hubby grilled up some dee-licious chicken, asparagus & green beans...yummy. This was pretty much it for our 4-day Sunday was spent nursing sun burns & getting ready for the week ahead...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

.20 Weeks.

We're half way there...more, if you consider I'm writing this a week late & this baby is measuring ahead anyways! lol But, all looks GREAT! Heart rate was 150bmp, baby is weighing in at approx. 12oz, it's femur is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead [thanks to Daddy] and I believe it, with the strength of the jabs & kicks I get! But, that has to be my favorite part of pregnancy...feeling baby. This kid is a total mover & shaker...
.just being shy.
Comparing my 20 week bellies...
.Lambie & the Maybe Baby.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Fred & the kids had a 4-day weekend thanks to the 'holiday' Friday, we decided to take the kiddo's bowling!
Lets bowl! He's got his game face on... She's in it, to win it! Taking a pizza break!
ok boys, back to bowling!

.STRIKE. Still having fun, even though she mostly threw gutter balls!
'Winner' got an ice cream sundae...lucky, they were all winners! ;]

Thursday, March 17, 2011

.St. Patty's Day.

Thursday, the lovins were outa school for St. Patty's Day. Yes, you read that right...they were out of it still amazes me! St. Patty's [back in my day, lol] was just a day to wear green to avoid being pinched. But,'s like a National freakin' holiday. So we joined the masses and headed downtown to watch the parade!
Acting like they like each other...Ha!

Getting a better view from way up on Daddy's shoulders! .Random Parade pics.

Kailee ran into a friend from school...
HOURS of parade, sure does make you we stopped off for dogs & a soda on our way back to car.
Well, we got outa the house for the afternoon and it was a gorgeous day, the marching bands are always my favorite part. But, I have to agree w/Daniel Tosh:
"Parade's could learn a thing or two [from fireworks], they need a finale. My recommendation...1 more lap, 60 times the speed!"