Sunday, May 31, 2009

Block Party [2009]

I think this may have been the 1st ever 'official' Lakeview Block Party!? So much fun! BIG Thanks to Amy, Ranelle & Erin for putting it all together! Most of us neighbors know each other...but, there were a few new people we got to meet and a few old that it was just nice to chat with again. The bounce house kept the kids busy almost ALL day! Lambie was terrified of it. She spent the day walking circles around trees...
Kailee trying to keep cool. Hungry!?
[2 grills going, lots of homemade goodies...]
Garrett & Fred tossing the old pig skin around! Jess & Crystal
Hey Mister...can you give this thing a few pumps for me!?
[Really she was just stealing ice]
Mommy & the Lambie chillaxin'
Lambie hopped from lap to lap...Crystal was her fave though!
Hanging with the Ru's
Nice camera, Mike. Pink is your color!
Lambie's Boy toy, Colton Man!
Never too old for Sparklers!
Don't you love the flower on top my head...
Whose idea was that!? It's the Japanese in him that's drawn to Karaoke
Daddy, you sing!
Me & Melissa
[miss you Lindsay]
So the night ended [4 glasses of Sangria later] with a little Guitar Hero and a lovers quarrel between Mackenzie and Ryan. LOL they are just so stinken' cute together. Hopefully, we can get together again, before the rest of our guys leave...all is fabulous on Lakeview, again!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ingram Hill~Michael Franti & Spearhead

Every year SCAD has a free concert in the Park for it's recent graduates. Last year, the kiddo's & I saw Natasha Bedingfield. This year we 'heard' was going to be the Allman bro. [uhmmm, not at the top of our must see concert list, but we figured...what the hell!?] However, someone somewhere got it wrong and the headliner was actually Michael Franti & Spearhead!
So after picking the kiddo's up from school...taking Kailee back home so that the Princess could change out of her school uniform, we finally headed down to Forsyth. [Fred was teaching a class & would meet us later]
.Ingram Hill.
It was pretty hot & humid.
Getting ready to hour after getting there!
Who ever was running the concert actual instructed everyone to leave the park. But, that worked out to our this time Fred was getting off work, so we ran home, ate looked clear, so we decided to pack the kids back up and see if they had started the concert again. Sure enough they was WAY more packed than earlier, but we still managed to find a nice spot to park it...close enough to see, but far enough so the music wasn't blaring.
The reason for leaving...
So Crazy
Kailee finds friends where ever she goes!
Red honor of Michael Franti & Spearhead.
Not really...but, concerts in the park & Red Stripe are becoming a tradition.
Dancing with my Lambie!
Ya, never know what you'll see in Forsyth
Same goes for this pic...
Ryan & Lilly not to interested in the concert
Amie & Lambie shakin' their groove thang
Me & my girls
Daddy giving Ryan a better view
Dancin'...having fun!
Michael Franti & Spearhead
...and thats where it started to rain...again!
Luckily, we started packing up when we felt the first few drops...but, by the time we got to the car it was a full on down pour!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The end of hockey season

Sadly, it's the end of hockey for Ry! It's been awesome watching our little dudes skate & shoot & work together as a team. The boys had such a great season. They all improved so much over the last 3 months. I can't wait for fall to get here so we can do it all over again!
The boys, warming up Wipe Out! This almost looks like torture...
But, he's loving every second of it!
...and he's up!
Protecting the crease
Ryan & Jake
The back of their medals
Sweaty boy!
Now what are we going to do to burn off his crazy amounts of energy!?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nerf Wars

Ryan got a gianormous "Hulk" Nerf gun [from Mommy & Daddy] and a semi-auto Nerf gun from Mackenzie & fam. So what do we do with all these Nerf darts!? Wait for Mackenzie to get home with her 2 new Nerf guns and have an all out Nerf war in the front yard!
Uhm...this almost doesn't seem fair!
C'mon K~Bear...put some back in to it! Lindsay [haha...I spelt it right] even got in on the action!
As shoots over 60ft!
They look determined don't they!?
Thank god these are just Nerf guns! got me!
How was SO humid the darts just stuck to ya!
...and what were our kids doing during all this!?
Playing Play-doh!
The night ended with Pizza & a big @ss pitcher of Sangria...most of which ended up on the sidewalk, thanks to 1 very swift kick from Lambie! Awwww...summer is here! I can't wait for more nights like last night!
Next time...Super Soakers...It's on McGee's!