Thursday, July 30, 2009

I's Thursday!?

Fred's doing the staff duty thing & Ryan was off catching a movie w/Brooke today. So Lambie & I snuck off to lunch...but Daddy surprised us [yay] sadly he couldn't stay long...duty called, so after lunch Lambie & I headed over to the SoftPlay while we waited for the movie to end. But, upon arriving at the softplay, we found we were not alone! Dun Dun Dunnnnn...LOL Melissa & kiddo's were there, along with a few of her other mommy friends...I guess we'll have to reschedule our 'girls day'!
Cohen & Ryan Lambie having too much fun
C'mon Ry...SMILE
After the softplay, Mackenzie tagged along with us while we headed over to Barnes & Noble for alittle Starbucks and Thomas the Train!
[We detoured at Dippin' Dots]
My lovins are sound asleep & I'm busy plotting how to surprise the hubs with Dodgers tix...all is good in the White house!
.Nite Nite.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hull Park (mini Maggie's reunion)

Such a fun morning!!! The lovins and I headed over to Hull Park to check out their spray ground and meet up with Brooke & some other Maggie's kids from Ryan's class last year! The park is great, abundantly shaded, 2 new play structures...but, the 'spray ground' could use alittle work! It's still great, old...but it totally reminds me of hanging out at Serra Park when I was little.
Lambie wasn't sure what to think...
But, Ryan jumped right in! ...and immediately got to playing w/Isobel & Avery .snack time. Awwww...look who showed up! .Daddy. No matter how busy his day, he's always making time for us! Haha
Now we are on to the play ground
Go Squirrel Go
Now that the crazy big kids are on the other playground...
Lambie's taking a spin on the merry go round
Okay...Mommy will go too!
Miss Brooke & her babes!
SO exhausted, but the nap only lasted as long as our drive to Moe's. [Welcome to Moe's]
To top all this off...we ran into Isabell & Sydney from our trip to St. Simon's Island w/Chaila & Davis last month! Lauren had SO much fun hanging out with a friend her own age...[Sydney] We will definitely be heading back to Hull Park soon!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week...

Sweet Treats

We have the sweetest neighbors...Mackenzie & Melissa came over this afternoon to drop off some yummy gingerbread cookie's! They were MUCH needed after Ryan's thoroughly awful meltdown at the softplay today! Ugh...exhausting! Lambie was quick to steal the first cookie...
We let Ryan out of his room, just long enough to eat his...
Mackenzie...He LOVED it!
...and these are Mommy & Daddy's!
[if the kids don't sucker us into forkin' them over]
Thank you, McGee's!
.SO delish.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Psychic Son

The lovins & I spent the afternoon hanging out at the softplay w.the McGee's...which must've totally wore them out, because they were both sound asleep by the time we got home. So while I carried Lauren into the house, Fred came out and got Ryan. He puts Ry down...realises he's wearing his cowboy rain boots and says,"You took him out of the those!?" LOL Uhmmmm...ya, I did! And he wore a bandanna & a cowboy hat too! I think he was just alittle shocked, because if it doesn't come off a Gap rack, the kids don't usually wear it...but, I'm all for the kids expressing themselves...whether its cowboy boots or a super hero cape...if that's who he wants to be today, so be it! [Ry has the greatest imagination] But, the psychic part is that...we woke up to a gorgeous day! Bright & sunny...alittle windy, but warm. However, when we were leaving the softplay there was lightening & thunder in the sky and within a half hour of us being home a siren sounds and we've got a tornado warning! And, when that finally passes the wind starts blowing like crazy [I'll be sweeping the mulch back into my yard tomorrow] The thunder just continually rumbles and it starts raining buckets! I was POURING outside! So even though we weren't caught out & about in this crazy storm...maybe Ryan knew it was coming!? And who knows...maybe he has a future in Meteorology!?
Or maybe he's just 5 & likes playing cowboys!? ;]

Monday, July 27, 2009

Splash in the Boro

Just when I thought we were having a nice relaxing weekend... ...we randomly decide to take a trip out to Splash in the Boro!
Saturday night, while we were all sitting around sippin Sangria & catching up...Melissa and I thought..."hmmmm...we haven't done nearly enough these last 2 weeks, lets tack on another outing!" [The McGee's, by far had a more eventful 2 weeks...but, by no means were we homebody's] Anyways, it was seriously nice out...alittle on the warm side...but who cares when you are surrounded by water!? I wasn't really sure what to expect and maybe because I was expecting alittle something like that dump in Dothan...I was seriously surprised how much fun this place was! It's actually kinda new and clean...[minus the bathrooms, which I never ventured into...but, I'll take Melissa's word for it! LOL] The kids had NO idea where we were headed...and OMG were they SO happy to be there!!!
One of the two kiddie areas is made too look like an old wooden mill! Daddy & Lambie were quick to jump in the Lazy River
The only real ride the small fries could go on...but, they LOVED it!
[Mac & Ry went 4 times] Melissa & I decided we are just gonna hold blue foam mats in every picture...from now on! Here they come with the daddy's! ...and here they come with the Mama's
Colton Man
[he did so good...chillaxin' all day]
Mac on the kiddie slide
She was TOTALLY ok...& rode it another 2 times!
[so go ahead &'s pretty funny]
Really! She's having a good time!
Ry Guy & Mac
[every time they rode this thing they were holdin' hands!]
! Hot feet ! Hot feet !
[seriously...that's the only thing going through our minds]
Time for another trip around the lazy river
When you first get on...they push you towards the middle, and everytime Ry would go straight up to the top!
And of course the Daddy's gotta give it a go!
The 'too cool for school' lifeguards were pretty entertaining
Mackenzie did AWESOME!!!
We kept waiting for him to do something...
He always looked like he was gonna bust a move...but never did! Hot Mama's in the sexy periwinkle rash guard.
But, you sacrifice fashion for non exposure...I can't tell you how MANY people lost their shorts after eating shit on this thing...HILARIOUS though!
So, it was another fun filled day in the White house!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!