Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chomp Chomp

.Shark Party.
The Boy is turning 8...and what the boy wants, the boys gets! Even if that means Mommy has to figure out a way to throw a 'Shark Party'...hmmmmm!?

[thank god for youtube]

As if I wasn't already proud of myself for carving a shark head out of a watermelon, I was very excited about how these shark fin cupcake toppers turned out!

Snacks. While we waited on the Pizza's!

 The boys, getting ready for a water fight!

Then presents...

He got some pretty fun ones...

They couldn't wait to battle.

Birthday Boy.

Instead of birthday spankings...they lined up for an 8 [water] balloon firing squad!

Pretty excited about his 3DS!

Friday, May 25, 2012

.9 Months.

.Sweet Chloe Jane.

The boy is 8!!!

This was a mean Mommy trick. On the day of his 8th Birthday, Ryan rode his bike to school...but while he was in class, I swapped out his old bike for a brand new one! Then we hid and watched. He was one of the last kids out, there were only a handful of bikes left...he wandered around wondering where his old bike was, not even noticing this bike was in it's place. Then he spotted me and seemed even more confused...finally we pointed out the new bike & his face lit up!!! 

Even though he has to wait till tomorrow's party for the rest of his gifts...this was a pretty cool start to the celebration weekend!!!

Happy Birthday Dude!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

D.C. or bust...

I can't believe another school year is coming to a close...and I definitely can't believe that my "Baby" is off to DC on a class trip!!! 

.Nicole & Kai.


Ryan had to peek inside the bus, he was very impressed with the tv's!

--[from the trip]--

Kai actually did really good, snappin' pics [only a handful of 'butt shots']...

...and she made sure to be in a few of them!

Kai & Cam

.Dani & Kai.


.The Guys.

.The Girls.

Yes, yes...we know you're adorable!

.The Group.

...and 1 last pic of Cait, Kai, Terri & Nicole!

Aside from the kids getting horrible cell phone reception and then not realizing if they used the room phones to call home or each other, they [errrr we] would be charged...they had a fabulous trip! I'm glad she was able to have this experience with some of her best friends!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

.Twinkle Toes.

.Lambie's 1st Ballet Recital.

OMG. I died. This was probably by far the cutest thing I've witnessed!!!

The girls practiced so hard and they all did SO well!!!

Lambie is a natural, if I do say so myself. ;]

Since Daddy wasn't there, our extra tickets went to Ms Julia & Emily!

 Flowers for our Prima Ballerina.
Super proud of her!

A few pics from when we got home. She did NOT want to take her costume off!!!

I told her to do her favorite pose...

.Mommy & Lambie.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Park play.

Lately, we've been spending a lot of time at the lake behind out house. It has 2 pretty fun parks and now that the middle Lovins are alittle bigger, it's perfect for them!


This boy...has my heart!

.Goofie Girl.

My break dancing baby...doin' the sprinkler!

She sure does love her big bubbie and he is so incredibly sweet with her!