Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lambie's *NEW* ride

I could've strangled Fred yesterday when he informed me that I had to pick him up from the Vovlo dealership at 10am! That's exactly the same time that the UPS guy makes his rounds in our neighborhood! Grrrrr...
I guess the upside is that when I got home from running all my morning errands I had a nice big box waiting for me on the porch! Yay! Bugaboo = Love
Yay...bubble wrap!
Ryan will LOVE that...
Almost completely assembled straight out of the box.
Just needed to pop on the front wheels!
Ready to rock & roll...
Uhm...I'd say she likes it!
Cause she threw a fit when I took her out!!!
All I wanted to do was flip the seat around...once I did that and put her back in...she was just peachy again!
~Spoiled Girls~
Mommies new ride & Lambies new ride!
Not as compact as the Quinny Zapp, but it fits just fine with plenty of room for shopping!
Bugaboo Bee & Bugaboo Frog Quinny Zapp & Quinny Buzz
My collection is complete!
This'll probably be the last you see of the Quinny's! The Zapp is getting put in Daddy's car...on the off chance he's out alone with the kiddos [although he did try to fight me for the Bee]...and the Buzz is already packed up & back in the closet...maybe I'll pull it out during our next deployment! LOL

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sea World

Since we needed to go to Orlando to pick up Fred's new car...we decided to stay the night and spend the day at Sea World! But, before we get to those's a few from the hotel [the kids thought it was just as cool as Sea World]! LOL We don't normally stay in hotels where the basic room rate is $299 a night...but, it was just one night so, we decided...what the hell!?
The kids, so glad to be outa the car!
Lambie & Daddy checking out the view of Sea World from our balcony.
She loves when you smell her stinky feet! This is about the time Kailee informed me that she could live in this hotel FOREVER.
[like the Suite life of Zack & Cody] Deciding what to order from room service... We ordered way too much...the pizza isn't even in the picture!
What else is there to do on a king sized bed, but wrestle!? Too funny to not post...
Lambie wearing bubby's underoo's on her head!
Just half of the hotel lobby...
[there is also a full sized Starbucks, heaven]
Checking out the waterfall...
Making a wish...
All right...we are finally off to Sea World! That's an interesting way to spell my name...
Another fam shot...clearly Lambie is NOT a morning person! Gorgeous Dolphins in the Dolphin Nursery
Mommies and Babies...soooo sweet!
Our first show of the day was Clyde & Seymore
Kailee was picked for some audience participation! Shaking hands w/Clyde
[We bought the pictures taken by the park picture people, I need to get them scanned...along with the family pic ones...they'll be posted later]
The scanned promised! The Shamu show..."Believe"
Fred, Kailee & Ryan sat right down front so they could get wet...which they succeeded in!
Lauren & I sat safely way up top!
Lambie showing us the frogs!
Hanging out in Happy Harbour!
Kailee & Lambie riding the carousel
Ry guy & Daddy
Riding the kiddie coaster
The girls turn...
...and that is where the camera battery DIED!!! I am gonna have to get a back up battery as many pics as we take!
I'll just recap the rest of the day...we had lunch at the Anhueser Busch Hospitality beer & $9 bowl of stew! Yay! We checked out the gianormous Clydesdale's. Amazing creatures...
Then we rode Kracken...Kailee went 3 times!
[stock photo] We caught one last show...not sure what they call it, but it's dolphins and whales and crazy people in bird costumes diving off insanely high platforms! That's about the time we decided to head outa the park, but not before stopping to see the Manatee's and Sting Ray's. If you've never fed a sting've gotta try it! It's crazy! This little slit on the underside of the ray, opens up big enough to fit a baseball in and they suck [about as hard as vacuum] the fish right outa your fingers! It took lots of coaxing but Kailee finally gave it a was too cool!
Just a couple random pics, snapped w/the crappy cell phone camera!
Me & Lambie rode the 'teacups' [they're called something different, obviously] While daddy & the big kids climbed in the HUGE play structure!
Kailee, Ry and Daddy on the flying fiddler
Sweet girl, exhausted!
We couldn't have picked a more PERFECT day to go to Sea World! The weather was gorgeous with temps in the mid 70's! There was hardly anyone at the park...of's January! Everyone had a blast. So glad daddy got a new car, so we had us an excuse to head down there...speaking of Daddy's new car...
Volvo S40
My hubby is such a DORK!
I can not wait to get my hands on this little thing..., giving, giving!

This is not another post about my wonderful hubby, it's actually about a couple soldiers who took time out their weekend to volunteer at Ryan's school! It was kind of a big project, they needed a half wall built in one of the shared classrooms, as well as some painting! Together they finished it in about 4 hours! I am just in awe of their selfless-ness, it's heart warming and definitely restores alittle faith in humanity!
My hubster hard at the fingers, buddy!

Cpt. Welch Sgt. Hayden [he also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity] Sgt. Taylor & Lt. Larson I feel really bad we didn't get her name...she's new to the unit & on top of that she just got married! The hardworking crew and the wall, mostly finished! They couldn't install the gate, because they needed larger hinges! It's awesome anyways and Maggie [the schools director] was very impressed..."It is more than she could've imagined!" I can't thank them enough for their time!