Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just a little playdate.

Hanging our with Chloe's little Bestie.

Chloe running off with her Madeline.

 Hey...get back here with that treat!

Ooooooh these babies are too cute!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Downtown w/my Paborites

We can never get enough of downtown Savannah. So it was a lunch at Wild Wings, then strolling around with Brookie kinda day! LOL These first couple are our failed attemps at self group photo's...ahahaha.

 LOL...I'm sure we looked NUTS to whoever was working in that building.

We finally just stopped and asked a random person to snap one for us!

All roads lead to Starbucks & snuggles.

instagram LOVE.

Oh Chloe...you silly baby.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

1st Birthday Cupcakes

Prepare yourself for an overload of Chloe eating cupcake pics!!!

They were SO yummy...

Hmmm. Just a little taste.

Yup, definitely gonna need a bigger bite.

 What!? You don't think I can fit this whole thing in my mouth?!

Challenge accepted!!!

Ok. Maybe I'll stick to little bite's.

Yay for cake.


OMG. This is SO good.

  Get in my mouth!


What an amazing year it's been...Happy 1st Birthday to our Sweet Chloe Jane.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Zoo Trip

Since Chloe's 1st Birthday fell on a random Wednesday...and Daddy was still in Honduras, we decided to spend the day in Jacksonville...enjoying the zoo, alittle shopping and some PF Changs.
[party to come at a later date]

Haha...well, it'll do.

Eager to see what's happening at the Zoo.

Happy Baby...

Every girl looks good in Cheetah!

Vet RyGuy

Pretty much why I love the Stokke Xplory.
Awesome view of the Elephants.

Getting a close-up look at the animals!

Lazy bums...benefiting from Jenna & I being lazy bums and not wanting to carry our bags anymore. LOL

Pretty birdie.

Feeding the Lorikeets. Always a fun stop.

I'm not so sure this is how it works birds?!

He finally got one to climb onto his hand.

After we saw the majority of animals, we decided to cool off in the spray ground!!!

Awwwww...nice cool spray.

Exploring the water!

...yup, I feel this way about you turning 1 Chloe Jane.

 .My Lovins.

.Mmm Mmm.

Long, HOT day...but still so much fun celebrating our sweet girls 1st Birthday!!!
[cupcake pics to follow]

Monday, July 23, 2012

.Princess Camp.

With school out and Ballet off for the Summer, we decided to sign Lambie up for a week of Princess Camp. There isn't a more fitting place for her to be...lol Art, crafts, dress-up & ballet...PERFECT!

Busy coloring...waiting for the rest of the Princesses to arrive.

Wearing Ariel today...

Princess Lambie.

Lots & lots of Princesses.

Time to show us what she learned this week.


Lambie, taking her rightful place on the thrown.

Some of her parting goodies...

Later, we were off to a Sand Gnats game...

Silly baby...nom'ing away on her finger!
Teething SUCKS.