Thursday, June 30, 2011

.Ellis Square.

Splashing around downtown & lunch w/Brookie before she headed off to Haiti!

Ryan loves all things water, so he ran...

...and jumped right in!

Lauren stayed as dry as possible!

After lunch at Wildwings, we took a stroll down to Starbucks...then a little window shopping before heading back to the car.

Where Brookie had a surprise for Chloe!!!

It was a looooong 2 weeks without out our glad she's home!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

.Congrats Grad.

Ever since Fred got home from this last deployment he's been working hard to juggle work, school & family life...but, it's all starting to pay off. He quickly earned his AA and is now only a couple classes away from earning his bachelors. I'm so proud of him and the example he's setting for our children!

Rockin' the cap & gown!

Getting his diploma...
How cute is Lambie in Daddy's cap!?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend in ATL [Day 3]

Father's Day @ the ATL Zoo

We gave Daddy the choice of activities for the day & he opted for a trip to the Zoo! Which was a huge hit w/the Lovins.

Who needs a dog!? Lets get a goat...we'll never have to mow the lawn again.

.Lazy Panda.

Z-OMG...he's SO cute!

One of those...'Hey Mom, watch this...' moments.

Lambie's favorite part of the zoo...


Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband & amazing dad...we are all super blessed to have you both in our lives, I truly wish everybody was so lucky!!!
This wraps up our little getaway to ATL. It was such a great weekend, jam packed with F.U.N.!

Sneek Peek @ Chloe

There is no doubt, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby girl! So, we decided to head back to the same 3D ultrasound place we used with Lambie since that was such a fun experience! The staff at Baby's First Images are wonderful, we were able to include our family & friends via live webcast, so they could peek along with us. They also offer a military & returning customer discount so we definitely got our $$ worth!!!

At this point Chloe was STILL Frank Breech, which causes a bit of problem for any u/s tech...but, I was thrilled with the pics we got!

Yup, hands & feet in her face...that can't be comfy!?

Lambie & Ryan got a kick outa seeing their little sissy, they laughed at the thought of her poking herself in the eye with her big toe. It'll be interesting to see if she looks anything like her u/s's a comparison pic of Lambie & the 3d u/s we got with her at 31weeks!

Weekend in ATL [Day 2]

.Ry Guy's Day.

After our 'American Girl' breakfast, which entailed a reserved table in the hotel restaurant adorned w/pink table cloth, pink napkins, pink We headed back upstairs to start Ryan's day...which included a morning dip in the pool!

Great idea, Ry...everyone had fun!

Dripping through the lobby, Ryan signs in for our 'Good Knight' package!

Love this many cute things for the kids!

Waiting for him back at the room...his tunic & sword.

Before we headed out to Medieval Times, we made a pit stop @ Trader Joe's...the kids stocked up on cookies & lollipops and daddy was big spending w/a case of $2 buck chuck! LOL

Fred was just as excited as Ryan!

In our seats...waiting for the show.

Lambie loving the tomato bisque!!! happy that 'our knight' threw her a carnation!

.pics from the tournament.

It's amazing how packed this place gets...not an empty seat in the joint! The food wasn't too shabby, but it's the show that's really fun to experience. We all enjoyed ourselves...especially the boys! So far we are having a fabulous weekend and it isn't even over yet...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend in ATL [Day 1]

.Lambie's Day.

Fred had a long weekend over Father's Day, so we decided to head upto ATL with the little Lovins for probably our last mini-vacay before Miss Chloe makes her appearance! The drive is never fun, but we headed straight for the American Girl store so that Lambie could pick out her very 1st AG doll! It took FOREVER, but she finally decided on a Bitty Twin. After that, it was time to check into the hotel...our first night, we opted for the American Girl package. Lambie & Rosie had their own special check-in! OMG, it was so cute.

A special bed, just for Rosie!

After dinner at PF Changs, it was back to the hotel...where room service brought the girls, milk & cookies! Lambie was LOVING all the pink...poor Ryan! lol

Snuggin' & Snackin'

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mandatory Fun Day

What does Daddy do!? That's exactly what we learned from the Raven Family [Mandatory] Fun

It's no surprise that Ryan had a BLAST!

With a brother like Ryan...wrapping bandages is a good skill to have!

Not exactly a horse drawn carriage, but Princess Lambie enjoyed the lift!

Chillen' in the back of the humvee...

...more guns!

This was their favorite part of the day...guess Daddy has a pretty cool job!


They were given certificates & even got pinned!

Just one of my fave pics from the day...

The heat was pretty unbearable. 30+ weeks pregnant definitely didn't help...but, it was pretty cool for the kids to see what their Daddy does. Especially, when it's this job that takes him so far away from us...way too often and for way too long!