Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sidewalk Arts [2011]

We're home from vacay & ready for a little Forsyth fun!

The Sidewalk Arts Festival is ALWAYS a good time.

They had 4 different bounce house/inflatable slides, Lambie looks a little terrified but Kai & Ry had a blast!

Daddy, workin' hard!

Mama & the big loves...
+Chloe [26 weeks]

.the art.

As you can see, it was another gorgeous day in Savannah...which we finished off with dinner @ Fred's buddies house, the kids bounced, mama chatted & the men brewed another batch of beer [this time an IPA].

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bye Bye, Cali! [day 12 & 13]

We spent the day packing...yes, when packing for 5 it does take ALL day. Uncle Danny entertained the kids and even played  ponies w/Lambie. She'll probably think twice before asking him to play w/her again...LOL

Fred did manage to sneak away & pick up Chloe's new pack n play...
 It was way too good a deal to pass up & since it's a discontinued print, it wasn't available on-line or at any of the BRU's around us...Luckily, they happen to have it at the BRU by my Mom's! I know it's not pink & girlie, but it matches our bedroom perfectly...and if you know know I'm anal about things matching! :] 
4am, sure comes early! But, Gramma & Uncle Danny woke up to say goodbye...

...and this wraps up our California Vacation! We loved being surrounded by family and hanging out w/old friends. It was more than worth the $$, days spent planning & packing, the hours of flying and my massively swollen cankles...I couldn't have dreamed of a more AMAZING trip. So, we are thinking about doing it all over again next ;] 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter [day 11]

 .Ry & a couple of his Uncles.
 .Bubbles w/Lizzy.
 Lambie is a bubble blowing addict...she could do this for hours!
 ...and makes it look so graceful! :]
 Time to hunt Easter eggs...
 Competition was fierce!
 Making sure no one is looking...
 .Kai & Uncle Dan.
 .Beautiful Girls.
 Our {BIG} amazing family!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family [day 9 & 10]

More lounging & shopping for Friday. Plus alittle packing as we got ready to head to Merced in the morning.
 Just a random horse @ the end of my parents bit Fred! LOL
 Grandpa & his boy...
We got to meet my sister Jen's adorable little girls for the first time!
Lizzy & Lambie chatting over french fries...
I didn't get a chance to snap a ton of pics. We mostly just spent the WHOLE night catching up with everyone. Aside from a couple significant others, it was amazing to have our family together! I wish we could do it more often, but with an insanely large family that is pretty scattered...GA, NV, UT, CA it's not an easy task to coordinate. Hopefully, it won't be too long till we can get together again! :]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lazy days...[day 7 & 8]

Wednesday, we met up with my Dad, Step-mom & sisters for breakfast. They decided to take Ryan home with them. So, while Ryan headed off to Grandpa Curt's...Kailee spent the day hanging out w/my Mom...then she was off to her Dad's for a couple days! So that just left us with 1 little Lambie...we did some shopping and alittle relaxing, before picking up Pasta Pomadora for dinner!

Back to Sunnyvale, to visit my Grandma & Aunt. It was a gorgeous sunny day...
 So we spent sometime, soaking up the vitamin D in her abundant garden!
 I can't look...he's gonna drop me!
 We had some time to kill before my Aunt got off work, so we took a drive to Ortega Park [which is a completely different park now] SO many after school hours were spent rollerblading & playing football here!
 They're just BIG kids!
 After a super yummy Tao Tao dinner, Fred turned on the Sharks game & I thumbed through some old photo albums and found some cute ones of me & my best friend Emily!

No clue who the blonde one in the back
Up to this point, the vacation seemed to be going by slow & leisurely...but, all that was quickly about to change! Our last few days, definitely snuck up on us...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The City [day 6]

We made a family trip to San Francisco, which started out with a visit to the SF Zoo...

.Petting Zoo.

.Faster Uncle Danny, FASTER.

"I'm walking into spider web, so leave a message & I'll call you back..."
.bear. show offs.

After strolling the zoo for a couple hours, we all worked up quite an appetite. So it was off to Pier 39...

[z-omg...garlic fries]

Kai, ready to crack some crab...

Fred's clam chowder...

Riding the merry-go-round!

Gotta see the Sea Lions!

It was a foggy/chilly SF afternoon [as it should be] and I wouldn't have it any other way! I wish we had more time to spend in the City, but we were all pretty after we wrapped up at Pier 39, it was back over the Bay Bridge to grandma's!