Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Clean Baby

She's usually not such a happy camper after being taken out of the bath. She's pretty much a fish & loves the water.

But, I got lucky this time...


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Special Delivery

Just making sure the little lovins know that Daddy is always thinking 'bout them!

Thank goodness for on-line shopping...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

.7 Months.

Miss Chloe Jane.

Happy 7 months, sweet girl. I can't believe how quickly our itty bitty, is growing up!!!

This smile makes my heart happy!

Fun in the Jumperoo...

"Hmmph. I guess I can see why everyone thinks we're twins!"

.mini besties.

Still cloth diapering...and still loving it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


.2 playdates in 1.

Kailee's best friend has a little sister, who is about Ryan's age and just as tough! So when we get the big girls together, Ryan has a little buddy too.

My child is as wild as his hair! :]

Adorable Delaney.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Truck

Emerald & I decided to try some place a little different than our usual Panera Bread for lunch.

...and I'm SO glad we did, because Green Truck Pub was delicious! Grass-fed burgers and home made everything, from catsup to pickles. I had to take the Hubby back, because they have an awesome [ever changing] selection of beers on tap! If you're ever in Sav'h...EAT.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 I don't know why my kids love this place, although it's probably because of the tubes & the fact that we never go! So when we do, it's almost as cool as Chuck E. [another place we rarely visit]
Burger King...oh YA!


 We all know Ryan is our crazy boy...but, he was being especially funny & if you check the reflection you'll see why! lol He is her puppet.

This is what trouble looks like...

Monday, February 20, 2012


.Weekend in Pictures.
I put these together for a playgroup post, to share what we did over the 3day weekend...So why not just post them here too!? 

Rainy, lazy Sunday!

Clear skies. You know what that to Forsyth. But first, we grabbed a bite at Mellow Mushroom [I'm addicted to their 'build your own salad' YUM]! 

Delicious end to a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Bugaboo Bee+
While we were in Jax, Mommy picked up a fun new toy! This is one of my absolute FAVORITE strollers. I loved our original Bee that we had for Lambie [especially the custom Mama-La]...But, the Bee+ is even better! The few modifications they made, was well worth the upgrade.

IF...heaven forbid...I was allowed only 1 stroller, this would be it.

...still wish it had a snack tray though! ;]

Friday, February 17, 2012


Decided to take an 'educational day' & head down to Jacksonville. We love the Zoo, shopping & food...but, had yet to visit the Museum of Science & History. It's smaller than we are used to, but still a fun place that we'll definitely be going back to. Oh...and the planetarium...SUPER cool. I'd go back, just for that! :]

 Always, lots of hands on exhibits!

So much to keep them busy! wish!

Just a mouth.

Awesome water table...Ryan had so much fun damming & diverting the flow!

Wish I had more pics...haha, maybe a couple of Chloe!? That's one of the many bummers of Fred being gone...too busy playing, supervising, nursing to snap photos! Boo.

.sneak peek.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's 2012

Mmm...our favorite kinda delivery.

Chewing on an old MommyNecklace, cause Mama got a new one from Daddy!

Happy 1st Valentines, sweet Chloe.

Dinner for the Lovins
[grilled cheese hearts & tomato soup]

Pretty lucky to have 4 awesome kids to snug & love on V-day...but, I was sure missing my better half. Next year...there is always next year! :] {ilf}

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have been waiting 14 looooong years for a little girl to put in Ballet! I love my Kailee Bear, but she is not a pink & tutu kinda Lambie on the other hand, is all about tiara's & fairy dust & couldn't get into tights & ballet shoes fast enough! Although, I think I may have been more excited than she was.

Taking it very seriously.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Georgia Day Parade

So, I failed to get the memo in regards to Ryan needing a Georgia Day costume for the upcoming Parade. Panic'd, because it was the next day...I took a page from my childhood and whipped up this little number, using a brown paper bag [how eco friendly of me], some feathers & felt. ;] Ryan did all the coloring and some of the cutting, the hot glueing was done by yours truly.

Pulaski, Represent.

Being a very patient baby.

Hangin' with Sissy.

Keeping her happy.

Well, that's one way to
[ps. Sperry's, how authentic]

It was a fun little stroll from Forsyth to the Capitol building. Lots to entertain on the Savannah streets.

3ID marching band...I feel like he's staring RIGHT AT ME.

It's a great day, when I get to spend all morning with this kid.

Sav'h Mayor. Edna Jackson.

We left Ryan & his class at the Capitol building and walked back to Forsyth, for a little swing action. Chloe could swing for hours...she gets that from Lambie!