The Addiction

I'm not sure when the whole addiction started?! It might even go as far back as Kailee...while her strollers were never 'designer', we did go through quite a few of them and Ryan was no exception! When it came to Lambie...even though we started out pretty practical with an adorable 'Rose' Pliko P3 travel system, Peg Perego opened the door to a whole world of high end strollers I knew nothing about!

How cute is he?! 
Not even 3yo, he was testing out the toddler step!

Then came the wonderful world of Bugaboo! <3

...OH and custom covers!

Then Quinny came to the US with their fancy hydraulic open & I just had to have one!

Little Lambie

But, I needed something light weight to travel with...and since we loved our Buzz so much, why not get a Zapp!?

Unfortunately, when the economy decided to take a dive we snagged a Bugaboo Bee when one of the on-line retailers closed...

We had a nice little collection of double Bugaboo's & double Quinny's!

And again with the custom covers...this time a FABULOUS Mama-La!
This right one of my absolute favorite strollers!

Since I always hear such wonderful things about Maclaren's, on a total impulse buy we gave the Techno XLR a try!

Not sure why we needed 3 light weight strollers...but we had 'em! lol

And my most prized pram...the Stokke Xplory!
.I <3 Stokke.

And you guessed it...I had to add a little something extra.
Custom - reversible liner!

It's gone through many changes...first turquoise, then olive...

It's now a fabulous travel system for Chloe...

The latest makeover is vibrant RED.

When Lambie outgrew the low canopy of the Bugaboo Bee, I made the mistake of trading the Bee for an Orbit. I'm sorry for those who are Orbit Lovers, I'm just not feeling the G1 vibe, it has a lot of great features...huge canopy, reversible seat, 2 cupholders [if you own a high end stroller, you know what a luxury 1 cupholder is...let alone having 2! lol]

But, before the Orbit...Fred left for Afghanistan & with another deployment, came another stroller...

I love the BOB Revo...we use it everyday, when Chloe & I walk to pick up Lambie from Pre-K!

And then we went back to where it all began...Pliko P3 in my favorite Black Bubbles print! Which is now stored away, till Chloe reaches the end of her stroller riding years.

What's new!?
The Quinny Zapp Xtra

Now, I'm not totally insane...we don't have ALL these strollers hidden in every nook & cranny around the house. Over Lambie's 3.5 years of stroller riding, they were bought, sold, loaned & traded! I think the most we've had in the house at one time is 6...still quite a few, but our collection has been purged to just 4. 
Stokke Xplory, BOB Revolution, Pliko P3 & Quinny Zapp Xtra