Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We snuck in some bubbles before the infamous afternoon showers set in! Ryan didn't stick around long, he was off to play at a friends house...Lambie & I sure had fun though!

She's a pro...minus the fact that she puts the bubble wand right upto her mouth, which can't taste very good!
She chases after them...and is SO proud, when she finally catches them!
Of course I'm partial...but I think my kids are pretty stinken'...
LOVE it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Afternoon showers...

Poor abandoned outdoor toys... The rain kept the kids indoors, but it gave them an opportunity to play with some of their forgotten birthday gifts! Lambie loves her ponies...
.crazy kid.
[cause she hasn't realised My Little Ponies talk]
.freckle face.
They were being total hams, today!
This is a constant scene, when he isn't running loose outside...he's playing pirates!
[Brookie did good]
.so serious.
Whelp...that's about it! I'm lagging on the picture taking. It's so humid, the second we step outside the lens fogs's ridiculous! Not to mention, it's just the usual storytimes & playdates. We are looking forward to the Fourth of July festivities...woo hoo!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Not much going on around here...Ryan is off on a date night w/Brookie, so Lambie & I enjoyed a quiet popcorn & Dora filled evening...she was thoroughly amused with that wind-up cricket! It only took her a year [or so] to want to play with it...I'm pretty sure, my mom bought it @ Harry & David on our HHI vacay last April! LOL Kids!?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To our Hero...

We love & miss you more than you know...Thanks for everything you do!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Recent & Random

After the craziness of getting Kai off to Cali and the last week of school, it was nice to just relax and have no schedule! We squeezed in playdates & lunches along the way...but, other than that...there wasn't much on the agenda. One of the random highlights was stumbling into storytime w/Okefenokee Joe! [Thx to Brooke] The songs and stories were...interesting to say the least, but the kids had fun & loved the end when he brought out the SNAKES!
.Okefenokee Joe. The not so dangerous ones... ...and a rattler, cause that's an awesome idea w/a bunch of kids! LOL
And from the day before...lunch w/Brooke @ Chick-fil-a!
That's all I've got for now...

Friday, June 11, 2010

More Kai Awesomeness

.Shuman Academic Honors.
Of course recognition for Honor Roll but, to my surprise...she also got a medal for highest 6th grade GPA in Science! Sweet...
.Monica & Kai.
.Kaylee & Kailee. .Justice & Kai.
The last time she'll walk the Shuman halls...
7th grade, here she comes!
She rocks...what more can I say!?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Our Kindergarten Grad

Super proud of the Ry Guy!
Today was their 'graduation' ceremony...he is VERY excited about finishing up Kindergarten, looking forward to summer & moving on to become a BIG First Grader, next year! My 'baby boy' I just can't believe it... Very proud of himself...
See, Mom...LOOK!
And their cute little Kindergartner song...
[To the tune of the Adams Family]
Way to go, Ry...Mommy & Daddy love you SO much!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

.Spray Ground.

Memorial weekend the spray ground opened back up...YAY! I love that we have this cute little water area less than a block away...SO convenient and a nice mellow way to cool off in this crazy Savannah humidity! Lambie was alittle leery, as usual...but then she jumped right in!
Kai didn't come down till I called and told her, all her friends were there! LOL .oh boy.
Mean big sissy...
Lambie watching her crazy siblings!
Always making friends...
...and she's spent!
Spray ground: Take 2
They were begging to go back...and I don't mind working on my tan!
Watch out, Bubbies gonna get you... Time to hit the road...monkey & puppy!

It's certainly no day at the beach w/Brookie or an afternoon @ Forsyth...but, we've been so insanely busy was nice to not have to go anywhere! I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead...I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.