Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dinner @ the Danawi's!

Yet another, wonderful time w/the Mama's and our Lovins! Last night we had dinner at Mo & Naima's w/Jack & Melissa...and what would a dinner party be w/out WINE!?
The dinner was just delicious! Naima totally out did herself! Our host & hostess...
...aren't they adorable!?
The crew!
We are alittle crazy!
Bella on the Bongo's
We are dorks...
Naima...belly dancing, I think!?
The boys taking me to the 'gun show'
In honor of Halloween
Family ties!
The Propers
Naima & Jad
Lambie being entertained by Elmo
LMAO...the party was off the Hookah!
But, seriously we had a fabulous time...I can't wait to get together again tonight for alittle trick or treating. I think someone mentioned cocktails...!? Or is that wishful thinking!?
Oh...and earlier in the day, Kai & I snuck off for mani~pedi's and a little Starbucks! I ventured away from my normal pale pink or! It's a little much, but it's growing on me...
Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope you have a safe & fun night!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Sharks in ATL!

Alright, not to be a bummer...but, with this next deployment quickly approaching Fred and I took the opportunity [thanks to Brooke] to get away for the weekend and see our FAVORITE hockey team [the San Jose Sharks] in action! How lucky for us, they were playing this weekend in ATL! So we hit the road and left gorgeous 75 degree weather...only to arrive in ATL to a chillin' 55! Brrrr... I left it to Fred to pick our seats...and guess what!? We ended up right behind the Sharks bench and right next to the tunnel! LOL Go figure! But, I can't argue w/a man who is spending the next year in the Sandbox!
.Sticks. DREW...I'm sure you've seen him on CSN!
Warm ups...Nabby getting loose.
He would've made a great Featherette! LOL Marleau, heading back to the locker room
Nabby, is off too...
Start of the game...the guys coming out of the tunnel GUCH! My fave [cause he's a 1/2 Jap too]
I LMAO everytime I see this...
[check out the ref] Nabby takin' a breather
Fred getting a pound from Patty
I think the back of the jersey's speak for themselves!
Haha, it almost looks like I'm infront of a 'green screen'!BIG Joe
Line Change Vesce is SO tiny...I could put him in my pocket!
But, oh man does he hold his own... The man who wears the "C"!
Another "W" for San Jose...
Thrashers 3 - Sharks 4
Our seats were KICK ASS!!! OMG, it's insane being SO close to the players and hearing Mclellan drop the F-bomb every other word! LOL Sitting 2 feet from Greisse [who played an awesome game tonight against the Flyers] The kids got to see us on TV...[which they loved] I was shoving a hot dog in my face...classy, right!? I loved having the hubby all to myself...k, well after the game...I had the hubby all to myself! Haha We had a wonderful weekend...I hope everyone else enjoyed theirs as well!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shuman vs Meyers

I took a bunch of video at Kailee's last I streamed it all together...enjoy!

If they win their game tonight against Derenne [which is the school she'd be going to if she wasn't accepted to Shuman] then her team is automatically in the play offs...if they loose and the other team [not sure the name] wins...then they have to flip a coin! LOL So lets just hope they win...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our weekend w/the Mama's & our loves...

Saturday night we kicked off our weekend with the Mama's & our families! It was our night to host dinner so we opted for a Mexican theme, Fred whipped up his delicious carne esada & famous salsa! I'm gonna miss these nights when he deploys, especially the food! :/ But, I'm super lucky to have my Mama's to get us through it...once again! Alright, enough with the mushy-ness...
The Hubbies, sippin' wine...Fred taking the veggies off the grill! The end result...DELICIOUS! The Hubster & I
Melissa & Naima Hangin' w/the little ones. The night ended [4 bottles of wine later] with the Ladies kickin' serious booty at Taboo [k, we won by 1 point, but who's counting!?] Day 2: Sunday Ogeechee Seafood Festival Munchin' & Sippin' hot cocoa
Mo...LOL...class act!
Snuggin' Lambie
Kailee & her shrimp on a stick! She looks concerned...but she ate the whole thing!
LOTS of food interesting menu I happened to stumble upon!
After some yummy grubbin' we headed over to the Midway...for some rides & games!
Kailee & Fred on the "loop of death"
[that's not really what it's called...that's just what it SHOULD be called]
Me & Ry on what I thought was a very mellow ride...
Not so much...but, we had fun!
Ry & Daddy on another big kid ride!
.The Girls.
Watching daddy & Ry on the ride!
LOL...Ya, we have our hands full!!!
Cotton Candy...finger lickin' good...
Round 2 @ the food booths! LOL What can I say...we love food!
Lambie stealing Daddy's 'Humphrey Balls'
FRIED chocolate chip cookie dough & in the back is FRIED Cheesecake
Ya, they freakin' FRY cheesecake down here...scratch that!
...even oreo cookies!
Checking out the Booths...Kailee & her princess crown..
Ryan and his new knight sword
The walk back to the parking lot...
We had such an awesome weekend...I can't wait till our next get together. [we already have it planned, yay] I hope everyone else had a great weekend...hopefully, the weather will clear and we'll get some more softball pics & video up!