Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just a bunch of random pics, over the next couple posts, so bare with me as I catch up! I have been feeling like poop lately and the blogging has been lagging! So these are the day after Christmas, the Lovins and I dined at Chick Fil A...I was there for the chicken noodle soup! They were there for the tubes! LOL
She takes her baby and mini Mac...EVERYWHERE! My happy boy... And waiting for her when we got home was her new Anamalz!
Which are these adorable eco friendly toys, that Lambie is not totally in love with! But, they have found a home in the diaper bag and I'm sure they will come in handy at some point. There is also some online play thing, so don't throw away their tags, like I did! LOL

Sunday, December 27, 2009

No pics for Christmas...

Like being sick on Christmas Eve/Day and currently, isn't crappy enough! As of right now...there are ZERO pics from Christmas! Not because I failed to take any...but because, my memory card is screwed up and keeps trying to 'reformat'! UGH...So until my tech geek hubby comes home on R&R, I unfortunately have no pics to share. Don't fret...Fred was able to web cam Christmas morning with us, so he got to see 'first hand' the kids open all their presents, plus we are having a 2nd 'mini-Christmas' when Kailee and my brother get here on the 4th. I will be sure to take more pics then...what's even more frustrating is that I am reduced to using a cheapy 2gb mem card, since my Class 6 is the one on the fritz...grrrrr! Thinking I'll have to ask for a new card w/the new camera!? ;]
But, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...aside from the mem card tragedy and half our family on opposite sides of the earth, the little Lovins and I had a fabulous Christmas. Lindsay was awesome enough to bring us a plate of yummy turkey w/all the fixins, so the pizza went back into the freezer for another day! LOL
Time to get ready for New Year's...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I might actually get my "Christmas Eve" post, up ON Christmas Eve...!? Although I really should be wrapping presents...I can't help but take a few minutes to catch up the blog and sip some yummy hot cocoa! Tonight was different than most...last deployment, we completely put off Christmas till my mom and Kailee got here on New Year Day. But, with Ryan being 5 [instead of 3] postponing Christmas is completely out of the question. So, tonight we did our Christmas Eve tradition of Jammies & hot chocolate, Twas the Night Before Christmas and alittle Grinch movie! Thank god for modern technologies! Fred hopped on Yahoo video call...even though it was 4am in Afghanistan, he watched us open our jammies and we watched him open his. The kids loved it...they mostly loved seeing themselves in the little video box, LOL! We are gonna do it again, tomorrow morning so daddy can watch them open ALL their presents...
Stupid ribbon! Time for hot cocoa...CHEERS! It makes him crazy! Enjoying the yumminess... Our little angel! And our handsome boy! Happy Holidays, everyone! ~The White Family~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like... Christmas!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit is bit of a challenge w/Fred & Kailee away. But, I've still got 2 little Loves that deserve a fabulous, with just a few days left before's starting to finally look festive around here! After wrestling our 7.5 foot Christmas tree into the house, I decided to forgo decorating outside this year. Even though I some how managed last deployment, I find myself busier than ever this time around.

Every weekend we are on the go...this weekend being no exception. Our afternoon was spent celebrating Colton Man's 1st Birthday. Then dinner with my wonderful friend, Leslie & the Lovins. Tomorrow, we are up bright and early for hockey...and impatiently awaiting Brooke's arrival w/some much needed Starbucks! The rest of the day depending on weather...

So now, more than I wish that our family was together, but I know that they are both...exactly where they need to be and that does bring some comfort! So, to the rest of our friends and family...

May the Christmas Season fill you home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Another trip to the Jax Zoo

After dropping Kai~Bear off at the was still super early, well too early to head to the zoo. So the Lovins and I swung by Starbucks for a little a lotta pick-me! Lambie spilt chocolate milk all over her cream leggings right before we were getting ready to that's why you'll notice the slight wardrobe change!
Eventually, we made it to the zoo...
[I've got all my ducks in a row]
The train we ride EVERYTIME we go to the zoo! What the lovins wanted to do first...
Play on the Playground Climbing through the tree top [this thing looks like a giant rope vagina] Swinging like a Monkey... Checking out Ha-UGE rodents Time for some snuggin'
Same pic on my FB, just edited differently...
The first time we've ever fed the giraffe's lettuce...
Usually, it's branches w/leaves
Lambie could've fed Spock all day!
Gator wrastlin'
It was pretty chilly Wed. the wind was really picking we only stayed a few hours. Mostly killed time while we wated to make sure Kailee had made it same & sound out of Florida. It was a nice distraction from thinking about her leaving and missing the holidays! I REALLY wanted PF Changs...but, unfortunately it's the complete opposite direction and I was beyond exhausted from the early morning! So we settled for Olive Garden...
This came in the mail yesterday:
An awesome ornament, that has a map of Afghanistan & the TF Brawler logo on the well as very fitting excerpt from Joshua 1:9 and a thank you note on the back from Col. Ault's wife...I love it so much, it's quickly becoming a fave!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has finished their Christmas shopping, so as to avoid the crazy Malls...I know, I will be snug at home...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Skating @ the Civic Center

After Kailee's performance, we decided to go ice skating at the Civic Center. Ry got his skates sharpened, it made a HUGE difference. I can't wait till he plays hockey this weekend! We all had fun. Lambie slept for most of it, since it was like 8 o'clock when we got there!

Don't be fooled...Ry is helping ME skate!

It's been YEARS since I last ice skated...YIKES! And rental skates...YUCK! LOL

She loves her nacho's! High 5!
Totally forgot to mention that JJ, a kid from Ry's hockey team & his little sis came too...But, he really came for Kailee...they have a love/hate relationship!
JJ & Kai
Brooke giving Kailee a goodbye hug...but, everyone jumped in!
Before Kailee left, we let her open a few of her presents.
Mostly clothes & games, stuff for her to take with her on vacay...
She'll get her other BIG present when she gets home!
Haha, she'll kill me when she sees this...
Argh, I can't even begin to tell you how I'm feeling this Christmas...being so bummed & so excited at the same time! It so overwhelming! I hope Kailee has a fabulous time in Cali, I can't wait for her & my brother to make the trip back. I really hope Fred's Christmas package gets to him in time...we sent it out over a week & a half ago, but with the holidays and the already slow mail getting there, it's gonna be close!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kailee's 1st Performance

Last night, Kailee had her first dramatic performance since starting Shuman. It was MUCH bigger than I anticipated w/dancers and an orchestra! Above is a pic of her performing her monologue from Jane Eyre...and below is a pic of Brooke slapping Ry...LOL Kidding...she was just telling him to 'shhhhh' and it just ended up looking wrong! But, I do want to thank Brooke for coming out and supporting really means a lot to have such an amazing support system...not only during deployments but everyday we are 3,000 miles apart from our family back home! We are extremely LUCKY!


What is with her and the napkins...
Here is her doing a scene from Arsenic and old Lace
Kai & a couple of her friends!
She did SO well! We all knew that "drama" came second nature to Kailee...LOL but I had no idea she had a flare for the dramatic arts! I only wish I had freaking video on my DSLR...[hint hint, Hubby] Kidding...LOL I know it's not your fault...I will pick one & I'll let you know as soon as I do! ;] There are a TON of other pics from last night, but they will have to wait. I am wiped out! But, I will get them up...I hope everyone is having a fabulous week, I can't believe it's almost over!?