Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

This is what the Lovins woke up too...
They immediately got to work on unwrapping their gifts!
.crazy bed head.
Clothes, clothes & more clothes...not much else to buy for a teen!
More scarfs! My favorite thing...
He actually got a couple different pairs of shoes for Christmas...lolCan you tell I'm excited!?Not sure what to think of her Marc Jacobs Clearly not as excited as Mommy!
So after all the presents were opened, we made the kids take them to their rooms so we could clean up the aftermath and make space to dump out their stockings [that were over flowing this year] To our surprise they ended up getting dressed. lol Guess Kailee couldn't wait to get into her new outfits... the VERY bottom of her stocking was hiding her *NEW* phone! Well, I guess they were good this year! Lets hope they are rotten in 2011, cause Santa & his elves are tired of staying up till 3am wrapping presents! lol

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve traditions...start with baking cookies for Santa. Except this year, 'Santa' was craving cupcakes! lol While they were baking, they got to open their Jammies!

...and once they were all changed, it was time to decorate the cupcakes!
Which turned out so yummy!
Now, it's time for Hot Chocolate & a movie...

Oh, the day before...we let the kids open up their presents from Grandma Carolyn & Pa! They got lots of goodies...
Santa's elves were up VERY late wrapping presents! Christmas pics to follow...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Reflections

Kailee's first performance of the year! Christmas themed...just in time for the holidays.

.Ta Da.
Ryan waiting to give Sissy her flowers...
She just had to shove the cookie in her
She did great. We ordered the video, but they are lagging on production...who knows when we'll get it?! But, we are so proud of her!!! Can't wait to see what other plays they put on this year...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree...

Just a few pics from the night we picked out our Christmas tree! The kids had to all put their 2 cents in... Did we find the one?!
Maybe not...?!
Daddy stringing up the lights...
Putting on the ornaments...
...and candy canes!

The finished product!
I love love fresh Christmas tree's!
Dinner w/friends!
Lambie & Emily being the princesses they are!
Dinner w/the Mama's @ the Danawi's beautiful new home!
It's been such a crazy, busy few weeks! It would be awesome if I could get Christmas blogged before Easter! lol *fingers crossed*

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lambie's 1st Haircut

Yup, just like the title says...Lauren is 3.5yo and has yet to get her hair cut! As many "1st" as Fred has missed, being deployed for 2.5 of those 3.5 years...this was the only 1st I could we waited! Then we took her to this cute little kids boutique out on the islands!
I have to keep reminding myself that it WILL grow back! lolOblivious to what's happening, just watching Dora!
Agh...what did we do!?
Bye Bye, uterus hair! wasn't that bad and now her hair is healthy!
...and looks so much fuller!
Ps. Happy New Year everyone...