Sunday, March 28, 2010

Air Station Savannah

Ryan and I kicked off Spring Break a day early. By tagging along w/Brooke & the Maggie's kids, while they toured Air Station Savannah [which just happens to be in our backyard]! We definitely had a blast, checking out their gear and helicopters...and when asked, Who wanted to join the CG when they grew up...Ryan quickly raised his hand. LOL I think he was just following suit, with the rest of the tiny hands that shot into the air before they were even finished asking the question...but none the less...lets not tell Daddy! ;]
.Cool Guy. H-65 'Dolphin' short range recovery helicopter TOO much fun in the basket! So excited & loving every minute...but he's really thinking... 'My Daddy's is bigger'! LOL
After the field trip, we all headed over to Forsyth for lunch. Ahahaha, CRAZINESS!!! There were kids everywhere...but, they had a great time...and it was definitely worth the chaos! it's Spring Break and the kids are just playing, playing, playing...they are all having so much fun with their friends, so even though we don't have much on the agenda...they are definitely enjoying the time off! Which I'm loving, cause it just a couple is going to get really crazy! :] YAY!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Celebrating 7 years of marriage to my Hero!
Which isn't easy when we're 5,000 miles apart, but we always manage to make it work! "To truly love something, you must first give it a chance to fail. If it survives, it is going to be stronger than ever. Distance is pure proof of this, and forever we will love if we survive."
You knew this was coming...! ;]
Oh, she knows exactly what this is and she just can't wait...She ran up and down the hall yelling,
"My Favorite, My Favorite!"
[Daddy has his girls spoiled] .yum. This is SO needed, especially with the upcoming Spring Break...I'm definitely going to need a Mommy Day! There are several great Spa's here, but the Savannah Day Spa is by far my favorite!
Thank you, Knuckles...for all that you do, making sure we are taken care of & constantly figuring out new ways to make life special! You're truly amazing...we miss you so much and are counting down the days till you come home! i la foo~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Usual Suspects...

Gorgeous Saturday afternoon...take 1 guess where we were, what we were doing & who we were with!? LOL Predictable...sure! But, it's a pretty fabulous 'predictable' life...
One of my fave pics...I wish her hair wasn't in her face! This time we remembered the gossip mag's...packed a yummy picnic lunch...of course, grabbed Starbucks...but, we totally forgot the Moscato & sunscreen! LOL Eventually, we'll get it right! ;]
.Do NOT Disturb.
Chocolate ice cream eating in progress! The next Dog Whisperer
Heading back to the car...4 hours later & Mommy is super burnt!
Ryan some how managed to take a chunk out of the top of his he hitched a ride w/Brookie!
So after this 1 day of gorgeous weather, it rained all day Sunday...bleh! It's nice and 'springy' out today. So, lets hope we have more gorgeous weather this weekend, I need to even out this 'tan'! LOL

Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patty's Day 2010

It's that time of year again in Savannah! St. Patty's day is HUGE here...if you wanna know how huge, just check out the blogs from March 2009! You'll see that we did the parade[s] and totally partook in the Celebration...but with Fred gone, I just wasn't in the mood to deal with the crowds! Boo, I know! But luckily, I'm not the only party pooper in Sav'h...cause Melissa was all for getting the hell outa Dodge too! Which led to our impromptu trip to Jacksonville & an afternoon at the Hands On Children's Museum! I'm not gonna was a little bit of a disappointment after having just gone to the amazing Children's Museum in Columbia...but, Melissa & I always seem to figure out a way to have a good time! LOL
Kailee & Lambie LOVED the mini-Winn Dixie Cause we don't play w/the one at Barnes & Noble enough...It's Noddy...LOLShe's one 'hands on' Mama!...see! Aye Aye, Capt.
Even though the Mama's weren't impressed w/the didn't stop the lovins from having a fabulous time! OH...but the BEST part of the trip was yet to come! Something we ALL enjoyed...PF Changs! The kids loved their chopsticks & I popped Melissa's lettuce wraps 'cherry'! OMG, I'm counting down the days till my Hubby gets home & whips up some lettuce wraps...they are SO yummy!
Ya...that's HER beef broccoli...careful, you might lose and eye! After lunch we walked through St. Johns Shopping center. Fabulous stores & random fun things for the kids... Oversized game of Chess...Yee Haw!
He's a boob father like son...maybe she should've breastfed longer...LMAO We had fun thinking up captions for this one!
And if we all weren't stuffed from dinner...we popped into Yogaberry
Our kids are 'special'!
Fun with Pioneer Woman Actions! I love 'em...1 click & it's a whole new photo!
It was a looooooooong day, but the kids did amazing! BIG thanks to the McGee's for joining us...way funner w/them there. Hopefully, we can squeeze in a few more good times before the Army pulls us in a million directions...and before I get all mushy...i la foo, knuckles! And I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sherri's Birthday Bash

Ok, so it's been about a week since we headed downtown to Celebrate Sherri's 31st Birthday! But, better late then never on the blogging, I guess! :] The night started out with dinner & drinks at Carlito's on MLK! The food was yummy & the drinks were HUGE!
SO many of us...we are lucky we got 1 pic, but apparently something interesting was happening off camera! LOL
After dinner the party headed to Saya, where Brooke & some of her friends just happen to be hanging out! ;] They are some CRAZY Sherri & the girls headed off to the *new* Club Rain on Bay St. and since I'm not much of a partier...I stayed back w/Brooke @ Saya till about midnight and then that's when the adventure began! LOL We had this brilliant idea to both walk to my car and then drive over to hers [so neither of us was walking around alone downtown]...well, the insane St. Patty's weekend traffic didn't help the fact that Brooke couldn't remember what parking garage her car was in or what floor it was on...LOL Awww...I love her! It's never a dull moment...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pics from down range...

I'm seriously lagging on the blogging end! I thought for sure, I'd have more time w/out Fred here 'distracting' me...LOL But, it turns out that he's such an amazing help while he's home...that I have all the time in the world for 'me' things! If only he could cook dinner & shuttle the kids to school/sports via e-mail! ;] Technology just hasn't caught up, I guess...
Ps. I already gave him crap about the fired!
Silly glasses or not...I love this Man!
It looks pretty gorgeous...
I imagine this flight would be pretty serene, especially in the chaos of 'war'! But, why are there houses on only 1 side of the river!?
Less than a month till I get to snug on my hubby! Argh...I'm getting so anxious. It hasn't really hit the kids that we'll get to see him in a couple weeks...which is fine by me. Once they figure it out, I wont be able to get a moments, w/all the uncertainties in the's just not fair to get their hopes up! Our philosophy is...he'll get here, when he gets here! :] And his getting here, won't come soon enough...