Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tampa Bay Getaway: Day 2

I'm totally lagging...but, better late then never...I suppose!? Here's day 2 in Tampa...we spent it @ Busch Gardens. We've never been, so it was even more fun!!! The first thing we did after getting to the park was, get the quick que's...we aren't normally impatient people. But, with the little lovins just having to sit around while Kailee, Fred & I ride roller's only fair we do everything we can to speed up the process...
Even though most of our day is spent on family rides.
Daddy using Ryan as a personal splash guard! LOL
Elmo 4D!
Lambie was NOT a fan of the spraying water or bugs flying at your face...
Ugh...I hate these rides! They just jerk you all over the place...
This is about the time, Ryan informed me he's going to be an airplane pilot...'when he grows up'!
Loooooooong day & it's only 1/2 over!
.Rhino Rally.
Ryan got to sit shotgun...
Zebra's!? Nope...'Prison Ponies'!
A ride, I gladly sit out
Cause they get SOAKED!
Waiting for Kai & Daddy to get off Sheikra!
Sitting in the front is INSANE!
Cause it's a ridiculous 90 degree drop!!!
In the aviary...
Yay...a coaster for Lambie! Honestly, I think our kids would ride the big ones...if they could! Too cute...a mini 'loggers run' for the kiddies!
The vicious drop...tee hee!
Up in the tree house...
.Kai Bear.
.Ry Guy & Lambie.
We made one more stop for dinner...and didn't leave the park till it closed! All I can say is...
THANK GOD FOR VALET betcha we paid the extra $$ for valet...& it was worth every penny! The car was waiting for us...AC was going...we just had to load up the kids and go...Brilliant!
And the perfect ending to a very long day...
PF Changs Lettuce Wraps & a fabulous bottle of Mascato!
Day 3 was spent driving home in the!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tampa Bay Getaway: Day 1

Trying to squeeze in a mini vacay, with the kids crazy school & athletic schedules proved to be challenging. But, not nearly as difficult as where to go & what to do...we debated cities and originally had our eye on Columbia, SC. [The lovins keep asking to go back to the Children's Museum] But, we wanted some place alittle more exciting...Unfortunately, we are burnt out on ATL & that really didn't leave us a whole lot of options! Then we realised that Tampa is a mere 5 hours away, has lots of Pro sports teams, gorgeous beaches & BUSCH GARDENS! :] We were secretly hoping the Lighting had made the playoffs...but no such luck! So we set our sights on a Rays game, which leads us to our first night in Tampa...
[Hitching a ride on the pedi-cab!]
And our 1st MLB game in a dome!!! Such a different experience... Cotton candy is the same though...LOL Our favorite past time...EATING!
The game started off with Toronto scoring 4 runs in the 1st inning!
[Not good]
But, Tampa answered back with a couple homers and finished the game 5-6 Toronto!
It was a pretty exciting game...all the lovins go into it!!!
Lambie, forcing me to clap...
.Daddy & Ry Guy.
.Friday Night Fireworks.
Not so exciting in a dome! :/
However, they still managed to scare Lambie!
Settling down @ the hotel. HA! Ya right...the kids were SO stoked cause they had their own room!
Mental note: 2 bedroom Suites...MORE than worth the $$!
We did manage to get them into bed, with the promise of some place 'special' in the morning!Those pics to come...stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Downtown with Daddy...

With the big loves off to school...Fred & I decided to head downtown for lunch & shopping! We had planned on some delicious Vinnie Van Go-Go's...except they only open for lunch on the weekends...grrrrr! So, we strolled around for awhile and finally headed over to Vic's on the River. We haven't eaten there, since we first moved to Savannah. It's right on River St. aka touristy...not a place we'd usually opt for, but we were kinda in the mood for touristy, so it worked!
Steal her might loose your tongue! I dunno?! The kid LOVES her veggies...that's not even 'salad'!!!
It's the garnish on her plate of chicken fingers, she refused to eat...
...this worked out perfectly! We had just strolled into Gap & bought a few things...1 being a new swim suit for Lambie. So as we enjoyed the sun @ Ellis Sqr. she stared at the water! LOL She keeps a safe distance...
Until Daddy gets involved and coaxes her [unwillingly] into the water!
Luckily, Mommy is there to snug!
[if only you knew the reason for the quizzical look on my face]
Daddy's attempt to redeem himself...
...I don't know how...but a piece of candy, turned into a new Dora 'purse' FULL of goodies! That's the a tin and fill it w/as much candy as you can fit! LOL Like we need anymore junk food around here!? Another gorgeous day in Savannah...I'm SO happy we have rain! It just started a little bit ago...finally, my car will be black again and our allergies will have some relief! Welp, I've got laundry to do...and I might just get a jump on packing! We are heading outa town early Friday am. I can't wait! The kids have no idea where we are going...I just love surprises!