Sunday, November 29, 2009

Savannah Holly Days

Guess what time of year it is!?
November isn't even over and the Christmas Celebrations have already begun! But, it gave us something SUPER fun to do on Saturday! The kids and I headed downtown. [something we seem to be doing a lot of these days] That's ok cause there is always something new to see downtown...and this time it just happen to be Savannah Holly Days!
They block off Broughton Street, create a make shift ice rink [that doesn't actually contain ice] dump tons of snow in one of the squares and play Christmas-y movies at the Lucas Theater.
[Obviously not THIS theatre, lol]
For the most part, Lambie waited patiently while bubby & sissy skated I thought it might be a good time to try out Ryan's new ice Hockey Skates!
Oops...he fell! But, still having fun!
SO cute!
Don't even think about it Kai!
Put the snow ball down and back away slowly!
The kids and I headed down to River Street to watch a parade of boats, that people deck out in Christmas lights...but it was getting really chilly and they were running really behind, so we decided to call it a night. The ice rink in the convention center opens next week. Kailee can't wait to skate with her friends and I can't wait for Ryan's first attempt at Ice Hockey....YAY!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
i la foo, knuckles

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving...

I am most thankful for this life & family, Fred and I have built together, I'm thankful for our health & happiness! I'm definitely not thrilled to be going through deployment #3, but I am extremely thankful for all our amazing friends & family, who support us daily. I am thankful for, Yahoo...who provides us a way to communicate 5,000 miles apart. Starbucks...for having Venti & Quad shots, I could not survive the day w/out them. I am thankful for everyday, that is filled w/hugs and kisses, laughter and smiles and our amazing Lovins! Today was really bittersweet, it was our first holiday w/out Fred...which is always the hardest to get through. But, thanks to Melissa & family...we were kept very busy today! We headed over to their house around 1...stuffed our faces with delicious Turkey and all the fixins. Rested for a bit, before strolling to Daffin Park! It was a gorgeous day today, especially considering the last few days of rain! The kids had so much fun playing...Here are a few pics!
He's an awesome big bubby Weeee... .The Girls.
Rockin' the outfit we got her for her b-day! My Ry Guy
The Kailee Bear
Haha...Mommy's too short!
Goofin' around
Bella & Melissa
Only an hour till baths & bedtime...the lovins and I are just snuggin' & wishing Daddy was here with us. Ryan wrote him a super cute letter, that he has informed me...needs to get to the mailman. So we will do that, when we send out his Christmas box! Mail is taking a lot longer than if you want to send him alittle something, do it soon and if you need his address...please msg me!
Ps. Thanks bunches for today, Mel & Jack!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Beast of Burden

Who doesn't love coming home to a porch full of packages!? I am a huge fan, LOL...and when we got home Friday, these were waiting...Yay!
One of them was our newest addition to the stroller family...
The *NEW* B.O.B. Revolution
So, I have some pretty fabulous strollers...[I'm one lucky Mama like that] But, since I parted ways with the Bugaboo...I've been lacking something 'off road-ish'. So Fred ordered a mystery stroller before he deployed and I've been [impatiently] waiting for it to arrive...
However, the surprise was foiled when the B.O.B parent console arrived before the stroller...
The note was super cute and Fred was right, the Mama's does need some where to put her Starbucks! It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it handles so sweet! .beefy.
Lambie, having fun w/buckles
Happy Mama's!Happy Lambie's! It wasn't meant to be a 'Birthday Present' but, oh man...I'll take it! LOL
Oatland we come!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Celebrating 30!!!

Sunday is my 'real' birthday, but what fun is that...w/kids, school & for some work the next day!? So we opted to celebrate Friday night! We got a good group of Mama's together and headed to Jazz'd. [for the record...Brooke is from here on in, refered to as 'a Mama'!]
Sherri.Brooke.Me.Melissa.Naima.AmieMel & I cheesin' it before heading out......and it wasn't long after arriving when the 'fun' really started! LOLThis man: dumped an entire diet coke on Melissa & card from Naima is soaked!Beth & her hubby stopped by, which is super sweet since it was their 'date night' My Brookie


After Jazz'd a few of the Mama's headed home...But Brooke, Amie, Sherri and I headed to Saya Lounge. I LOVE this place...the music was awesome, the atmosphere is totally chill...big loungy couches...FUN! But the night didn't end there...we strolled downtown for a bit, grabbed a slice at Sweet Melissa's Pizza, was reminded why I am SO lucky to married to an awesome guy [cause boys are rude @ss punk's! How did we ever fall for their crap?! LOL] and then we headed home! Of course I wish my hubster was here! He always makes birthdays special...but I am SO lucky to have the best group of Mama friends...thanks bunches for the drinks and such a great time! I LOVE those guys!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Turkey lunch w/Ry Guy

Thanksgiving is only a week away, I can' t believe it! It was especially hard not having Fred there...he always attends the kids functions when he's home. But, he was there in spirit...I guess...since we are always thinking about him! I should've gotten a pic of the food...LOL Lets just say, I must REALLY love my kids to eat that stuff! Lambie devoured the green beans though...and the chocolate milk!
.got milk. My turkey boy
Running around, being crazy
Awww...all she wanted was to play w/the big kids!
After Ryan's school, Lambie and I met the Mama's for a real lunch...and then some shopping! Our night ended w/hockey practice!
The boys, goofing around! Thank god he's wearing a helmet...
...and thank god he's getting some 'male interaction' w/daddy away!
Taking a breather

Whelp...thats about it...TGIF and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm gonna go get ready for tonight's events. We are celebrating my BIG 3-0!!! Yikes and Yay!

.i la foo.