Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween pt1 (on-post)

We had a late start to our day...but, eventually Lambie and I headed out for some Starbucks & softplay! She HAD to wear her 'wicky witch' costume, which is fine by me...cause last Halloween, she was not feeling the 'tutu love'! lol
We have 2 nights of trick-or-treating this year, so in an effort to avoid having the same pics, both nights...I literally threw this together last minute w/things we had laying around the house, not too shabby.
.piggies. And Ryan wore his Prince costume from a 'Royal Ball' he had 2 years ago @ Maggie's. LOL I can't believe it still fits!!!
Haha, getting them to stop for a pic...when all they wanted to do was run to the next house, was challenging!
Don't mess w/the 'Tween Bee'! .my lovins.
While I took the little ones, down the street & back...Kai passed out candy w/a friend!
Then, we swapped and the big kids headed out...
.tootsie pop.
Ryan's haul...I don't even know what to do with all this candy!? Thank god, Daddy will be home soon to 'inspect' it! ;] lol
Well, plenty more pics to come...hopefully, I'll get them blogged before Fred gets in! Eek!!! What an exciting week[end] we have ahead of us...Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


As you all know, we are just counting down the days till Fred gets you'll have to excuse my major blog lagging, cause most of my energy is spent 'nesting'...and of course getting ready for Halloween. So, since we have been laying low...there aren't many pics to share. Here are a few from storytime...she just seems like such a big kid these days. It's heartbreaking...
She does a pretty good job of staying in the lines... ...yet some how still manages to mark herself! lol

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wait! It's October, right!?

Haha...does this look like October to you!?
What started out as a brisk 60 degree morning, eventually turned into a beautifully sunny 85 degree afternoon! Obviously, in Savannah...we have yet to trade in our bikinis & boogie boards for sweaters & hayrides!
.dig. .snack.
.play. .pour.
I had the 50mm on, so these aren't the best pics...they were closer than they look.
.mommy & lambie.

I's a rough life, what can I say!? lol

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ogeechee Seafood Fest

We had quite the busy weekend and it rolled over into the week, but better late than never I suppose?! Sunday, took us to the Ogeechee Seafood Festival in Richmond Hill! We had such a great time last year w/Naima, Mel & the families that I was determined to take the kids back this year.
We headed straight for the carnival portion of the festival, everyone had a blast on the rides. Lambie as a 'nem, nem'!
Loving the kiddie coaster...
Don't adjust your monitor...Kai's bangs are really pink! lol
She spent the night @ a friends house the night before, they went to a haunted house and in the morning painted their hair! Awww...these teen years are a FUN!
While the big kids were on a ride, Lambie played a carni game...
...and won a piggy!
Of course she had to ride the Barbie Jeeps!
Oh...forgot to mention Kailee's friend Kendan came with us!
Ryan won a prize too!
Ryan & the Shrimp!
Who knows what she was trying to give me!?
After a very disappointing plate of chili fries...I headed over to the chicken teriyaki booth!
Later in the afternoon, Kai & Kendan headed back to the carnival and I let the little lovins burn off some energy at the park!
...last ride of the night!
...that's all folks! Just another entertaining afternoon w/the White Family. I can't believe it's almost Friday!!! Yes...1 more week down! The anticipation is building....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy B-day to Jad!

Another gorgeous weekend in Savannah. Perfect weather for a party in the park! Naima did not disappoint on the yumminess...SO many goodies!
.Red Velvet Cuppie Cakes. .Cake Pops. .gorgeous girls.
Yup, he loves me!
The Birthday Boy
Busy Bee...keeping clean is overrated!
See! More chalk made it on her, than the sidewalk!
Ry loves his swords...
A friend of a friends, sweet little girl!
Time for CAKE...make a wish! .cake & kisses.
Time for presents...
Super cute piggy bank...
Thanks Danawi Family for a wonderful afternoon out!