Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beach Love

We can never get enough of our Brookie...or the beach!
The 2 together = a pretty fabulous day...

Chloe thinks she's pretty awesome too.

She loves feeding the seagulls! She gets swarmed by them...yet, I'm the one that gets pooped on. Bleh!

Walking with the birds...

  The Kailee Bear...


Watch it, bird...that's a mighty pricey perch you're resting on!


The Mama Bear & her cubs...

All our beautiful Lovins!

 Our little Lambie...

The crazy Ry Guy...

Oh, how they've grown...

Friday, November 25, 2011

.4 Months.

Despite my best efforts, our sweet Chloe Jane just keeps on growing! 

 Lambie is just the proudest big sister!

Love this face...

AND a {BIG} thanks to Mrs. Jennie for all the fabulous gifts she's sent...Chloe is a lucky girl & looking super adorable in her custom headband from Little Bird Cage & ruffle butt from The Chic Bean!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Turkey Day

We are so lucky to have Brookie in our lives. Her family was generous enough to host us this Thanksgiving, while Fred is in Honduras. The food was delish, the company was wonderful...I'm beyond grateful!

The kiddie table. It was such a gorgeous fall day...perfect for dining outside.

Mama & the Lovins.

Love my biggest!

Stalking Paula Deen, not really. She just happen to live down the street!

Sweet boy w/his Daddy's face!

I'm also thankful for the drive-thru Starbucks & their holiday hours. Cake pops, chocolate milk & a white mocha for the Mama was a perfect ending to our day.

Counting my blessings...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!
After dropping Kai off at Volleyball practice, the little lovins & I met up with Brookie and headed down to lunch w/Leslie, Nicole & Riley @ Houlihans [of course]!

Riley is super adorable!

Brookie & Riley

It was one of the yummiest birthday's I've ever had. Fred sent Edible Arrangements, as always...but to my surprise, I got a phone call from Gigi's Cupcakes saying my order was ready. Huh?! Well what do ya mama sent us delicious treats!!! So Naima & the kids came over to help us celebrate.

Doesn't this just make your tooth ache!? Mmm Mmm

"Cupcakes! Pound it..."

Settled on 1 candle...not sure 32 would've fit?!

Getting ready to make a wish...

Anastasia & sleepy Gabriel

My cupcake lovin' Lovins!

I can't complain, it's been a pretty great 32 years...and every year it just keeps getting better. I'm really looking forward to next year, Fred will be coming home from Hondo just in time for my Birthday! But, I want to thank everyone who helped me celebrate this year [2011] mean so much to me, I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people!


Meeting up w/Brookie & the kids for a playdate!

She's the 'fun' one...

Not 1, not 2...but 3 super cute blondes!
They were so content squished into this tiny boat...just hanging out, playing the DSi.

LOL...she's crazy!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Forsyth Fun x2

Two gorgeous days in sweet know where to find us!!!
Sunday, we hung out with our neighbors & Brookie...Lambie & Emily are the best of buds.

Daniel opposed to our Ryan Daniel. lol

Miss Chloe...just hanging out.

Oh Brookie, you're so silly.

The Little Lovins

It was back to Forsyth the next day to meet up w/Naima & her boys!

While Jad was off running around with Ryan & Lambie...Chloe & Gabriel could careless the was there! lol But, they were oh so cute!

Our gorgeous girl! Love her...

Ya just can't beat Savannah's gorgeous weather!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Festival 2011

Some how I missed our trip to the Savannah Children's Book Festival! So pardon a little trip back in time. But, here it is...just as fun as last year! Only THIS year Kailee's school was bringing to life, a couple favorites.

lol...giant headed gator.

The little King, creating his crown.

Happy Baby...

...Happy Lambie!

Book tower.

Her new favorite thing...hoo-ya-hooping!

.The girls...and Mark.

Brookie & Chloe

Art mimics life...she always has her nose in a book!

About to make the big fall...


The big Lovins!

Love my Prince.

Oh Sav' you entertain me. lol
LARP'ing anyone!?