Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Sunday, already?!

A busted camera, can't keep me from Though I'm not exactly sure where the weekend went, as it seems to have flown by!?
Yesterday, we spent all morning at the mall...not really shopping, just getting outa the house and trying to stay dry! The little Lovins and I hung out at the insanely crowded soft play, while Kailee got a mani...then we dropped Kailee off at a friends house for a Birthday Slumber Party, ran a few more errands and then headed home for dinner! After tucking them into bed, I got a chance to hang out with the neighbors...grub on YUMMY Cold Stone, sip wine and then eventually eat pizza! LOL What an interesting night! ;]
But, today was the fun and mellow kind. We had a lazy morning and then, since Kailee was at StarCastle w/her friends...the little Love's & I, caught a movie with Leslie! Ry's been bugging me to watch the Tooth Faury for weeks! Ever since he saw the preview @ the Chipmunk Movie! LOL But it was cute and funny and combined 2 of my fave things...Hockey & The Rock...know your roll, Jabroni!
So even though we didn't do much this weekend, I'm pooped and off to bed! Yes...I realise it's 8:30. But, if i don't go now I'll get my second wind and be up all night! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend...I'm so excited for February! Cause we are just that much closer to having our Hero home! If only for 2 weeks, we will take every minute we can get! Good Night, World!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's the end of the world...

Ok, so maybe not the end of the world...but I am feeling VERY naked and helpless! I am never far from my Rebel, just waiting to capture those ridiculously cute, silly or odd moments that are a constant in this house! But unfortunately, yesterday afternoon while grabbing Starbucks w/Lambie, Mel & Bella...the bain of my existence [aka the Orbit Baby] decided it would be a perfect opportunity to tip and dump and entire iced Venti white mocha INTO my fabulous chenille Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote, in turn soaking the keys, pull-ups, my Coach wallet and CAMERA! While I tended to Lambie, making sure she was ok...the dslr just sat! It sat in so much liquid, ice cubes were actually floating around. Though, I'm not sure the rice is going to have any effect on the damage that was probably's worth a shot!? Keep your fingers crossed, that it works! I am weeks away from getting a fabulous new camera, anyways. But, this baby was supposed to join Fred in Afghanistan! Breaking the news to him was NOT easy and I thought for sure he'd flip, but I was completely wrong...he was just glad Lambie was ok, alittle disappointed the Canon might not make it over there and as always, the voice of reason. He reassured me that there was nothing I could do and even now as I play it all back, I still can't figured out what happened!? I seriously hate this feeling...but, it is just a camera and very replaceable. However Lambie, is not! ;] So I'm coming to terms w/the days events!
Today was very low key, hockey & homework...and now that I am covered in Elmer's glue, I am gonna veg out on the couch and watch the Sharks! It's a almost Friday...Woot woot!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out of this World!? Nah, just an Orbit!

So Lambie & I have been very fortunate to have some pretty fabulous mommy/baby gear! Every stroller, diaper bag...etc. I could possibly imagine & then some! I have to thank my awesome hubby for indulging my crazy obsession and putting up with all the buying, selling, storing and in this case, swapping that goes on around here! Some may think it's silly, but everyone has their 'thing' and this just happens to be mine for the moment! ;]
So, without further ado...the newest member to the family:
The Orbit Baby
[which is based in the Bay Area]
And with the "SmartHub" technology the Orbit Baby is a do it all system!
The Black comes stock with Grey, the Lime was included in the swap & I just HAD to have pink! What comes in the Accessory Packs: .cup holder/snack pod, reversible strap covers, reversible seat liner..Pretty in Pink.
We swapped the Bee & it's amazing maneuverability for the Orbit, because Lambie pretty much outgrew the fabulous Mama-La canopy! So I made sure to swap for something w/an equally generous canopy, because the sun in the South is NOT forgiving!
The fold is easy & pretty compact [the bumper bar is removable], but it's a PAIN in the @ss to get in the trunk! If you have a car, this won't be an issue...but, it doesn't 'slide' into the my trunk like the Stokke, Bugaboo...etc do! So I kinda have to wrestle it in and I'm not a fan of that, it's also causing noticeable wear to the hands from the carpet/rubber friction! I'm also not thrilled about the way it pushes, but I've been pretty spoiled. The ride is smooth and it easily navigated the muddy mess around Ryan's hockey rink, but unless you are moving in a straight line...scratch 1 hand steering off your list! Aside from a reversible seat, 1 hand maneuverability is a must...because when you have this many kids, there is always a hand to hold! But, I think the stroller will maneuver better w/the very cool looking Orbit Infant Seat!
However, I am a HUGE fan of these!!!
[Dual cup holders, not usually available on the BEST strollers] But, you know who IS a fan...Lambie!
She asks to ride in it whenever we get out of the car...LOL
And today we got out of the car for a lunch/play date with Melissa & Bella! First, lunch at Houlihans...[Yes, I was craving the Tortilla Soup!] And then we ventured down to Daffin Park, in todays gorgeous [windy] weather!
The moon & a rainbow!
Brrr...when the wind picks up, it gets chilly! But, she REFUSED to put her sweater on! LOL ...and now that Bella is up and running, I think they will be GREAT friends!
It was seriously awesome to see Mel & Bella today. I have REALLY missed my Mama's, our 3 hour lunches and endless shopping sprees! Now, if only Naima would get her booty back from London the trio will be complete! ;] Ps. Mom & Dan...thanks SO much for making the swap, packing it up and shipping it out here!!! You guys are the BEST!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday, I spent the day w/Kailee & her science class...on a field trip to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge [even though it's actually in S.Carolina...] First off, I almost missed the bus, trying to get Ryan off to school and Lambie over to our neighbors. [who I am SO grateful for...thanks bunches for watching know who you are!] But, that left me without my much needed Starbucks! I was honestly, half tempted to see if the bus could fit through the drive-thru...but when I suggested this to Kailee, she rolled her eyes and laughed at me! FINE, I guess I'll live...which I did, because the chilly 54degree weather was bound to wake you up!
Learning how to work the binoculars! Searching the net for invertebrates... Logging what they found... Clearly it was too early! LOL "My" group! They rocked!
Not only was Kailee's group the one who found the most 'stuff'! They were also the only one's to find several things...
one of them being THIS...
[if anyone reading this can identify it, that would be AWESOME]
After googling, I personally think it's a baby Mud Puppy...
But, neither the Science teach nor the Conservation tour guide knew what it was!
Goofing around, getting ready to head back to school!
She's got skills...
Back to the grind...busy writing in her notebook, so that she could come home w/me & FINALLY grab Starbucks! LOL
So it was a chilly, dirty, exploring kinda day...which just translates to FUN! I honestly LOVE this kinda stuff. It was really cool to see the kids so into it. Shhhhh...don't tell them they were learning! Anyways, this trip was 1 or 3 the class will be taking, I can't wait for the next one...we are going on a boat trip! Woot!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Savannah Hockey Classic

I can't believe it's ALREADY that time of year again?! Time for the Savannah Hockey Classic that is! Of course we had to continue the tradition and attend for the 3rd year in a row, plus this is what got Ryan into Hockey, to begin we have a soft spot for the tournament! The first of the 2 Saturday games was FSU Seminoles -vs- Florida Gators...I can't remember who won, but the score was definitely 5-4! LOL [I was at the concession stand when the came ended]
Someone suckered Mommy into mini goalie sticks!
But, they LOVED 'em! Lambie just being snuggly... GO DAWGS!
[Daddy caption]
"You call THAT roughing, Ref!? I'll show you roughing!"
Surprise! She's not texting!
Just checking out the Zamboni, resurfacing the ice...
...and making friends! LOL
Here's some action from the 2nd game of the night...Georgia Tech -vs- UGA!
Even though the kids were having a blast...this is how most of the game was spent!
...and more food!
The nights festivities totally wore out Ry Guy! He slept through an entire period of the GA that's when we decided to pack it up early and head home! I have no idea what the final score was, but it wasn't looking good for the Dawgs when we left...
Last night was also very bittersweet! We LOVE hockey in this house, but we were also missing Fred VERY much...and some things are just not the same without him, this being one of them! But, it makes me look forward to next years Classic even more...knowing we'll be going as a family!
Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend...

Friday, January 15, 2010

More fun w/Uncle Danny...

The night before Dan left to head back to Cali, we all went bowling! We really didn't do a whole lot while he was here, because the kids had this was our chance to cut loose and have some fun!

She's ALL legs!

It looks good in the pics, too bad it ended up in the gutter!
[my a-berage is have 7] Having SOOOO much fun!
Getting ready to kick butt...
Lambie taking a turn at it... Watching it roll SO slow, it was almost moving backwards!
Our girls!
LOVE this pic!!! Taking a breather...bowling is hard work!
Doing it all by herself...the ball only made it 1/2 way down before getting stuck in the gutter! LOL
The kids only lasted 1.5 games, before Danny lost interest and headed for the nearest video game...Kailee was soon to follow. So, Ryan and I were pretty much bowling everyone's frames...which he didn't seem to mind, but it kept me from keeping Lambie in arms reach, which lead to her running right through the lanes of league bowlers...[who thought me chasing her, was just HILARIOUS] Since it was getting late anyways, we just decided to pack it up and head home!
OMG...both of them look ridiculous!
My brother isn't the biggest fan of taking there aren't a whole lot from the week & a half he visited us and the few I did take he'd probably kill me for posting! LOL So, needless to say...these are all the pics you're gonna get to see! Ha!
Dropping him off at the Airport the next day was extremely emotional! Ryan was convinced Danny could just come over 'tomorrow' he lived around the corner & not across the country! Kailee was the worst, not in a bad way...just the most upset about his leaving...and then there was Lauren, who I think was a slightly relieved to see him go! LOL They did not make friends while he was here...
...and in other news...
The Bugaboo Bee hitched a ride to Cali w/my Brother...
...who swapped it for a mystery stroller to be named, later!