Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kailee's Softball game!

So Kailee's first [actual] game of the season was a big loss. There aren't too many pics, because she didn't go in till the 4th inning and the game was called in the 6th...they only allowed 2 runs in those 2 innings...but, the damage had already been done! However, today she started at 2nd and even though it was another was to the #1 team and Kailee had a FABULOUS game!
One of her many fans...Her first at bat, she was struck out...
Good eye, good eye Her second, she singled and allowed the runner at 3rd to score! Her third at bat, was another single... Safe, by a mile
Stealing 2nd [for the second time this game]
ugh oh...get ready
She's off again...stealing 3rd
Just waiting...
The final score was 5-1...but we couldn't be prouder of her! She's a crowd favorite and Fred even got a couple compliments from the Ump. about her ball playing! She has practice everyday for the rest of the week...and another game on Monday...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...the party continues!

Day 2!
Kailee just HAD to ride the Rock it! as soon as we made it to the park, we headed straight there. The ride wasn't even open yet and the line was already an hour we decided to just hop in the single rider line, to speed up the process. But, while we were waiting...Daddy took the little loves on the Jimmy Neutron ride and to see a few of the characters roaming around!
There aren't a ton of pics, like we took the first day...we mostly just wanted to hit up all the rides before heading home. Except, MIB...Kailee didn't really want to ride that again, but of course Ryan did. So he and daddy did that, while the girls and I headed over to ET!
When we met back up and headed over to Fievels playground. And...drum roll please.... Lambie rode her FIRST coaster! Yay! She looks seriously concerned...but she had a good time, I promise! So much so, that she got off and immediately ran to the entrance to ride again...
There were scattered thunderstorms all afternoon...and of course the coasters can't run during the inclement weather, so while Kailee and I waited patiently for Duelling Dragons to open back up. Fred took Ry & Lambie to the Dino Center.
Ryan was pooped! Thank goodness, Lambie loves riding on the board!
...and off to the Seuss area again!
The Cat in the Hat ride...High Five, that was soo cool! LOL

All in all, our last minute change of plans turned out to be WAY more awesome than our original! [although ATL would've been fun & much cheaper, lol] I think we all had a great time at Universal Studios...and can't wait to head back!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kai~Bears...

Kailee turned a whopping 12 this weekend! Holy Moly, where is the time going!? So our original birthday weekend plan was a trip to ATL, spending the day at Six Flags, dinner and then hanging out downtown. But, with the insane flooding going on...Six Flags was no longer an option. There was no way we could throw a party together in just a couple we quickly weighed our options and ended up reserving 2 nights at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort @ Universal Studios! Kailee still thought we were heading to Six she didn't think much of it when we packed up the car and headed out. She started catching on when we stopped for Starbucks in Jacksonville...Doh...and then all the Universal exit signs as we headed through Orlando...logic won out, when Kailee started to put 2 & 2 together. But, she was still surprised! It was after 11pm when we got the lovins went straight into jammies and off to bed!
Lauren being a pesky lil sister... After a brief nights sleep, waking up to room service, we finally got up & at 'em. Before leaving for the park, Ryan gave Kailee one of her birthday cards. Listening to the crazy noise inside the card... Walking through the hotel op!
Taking the boat to City Walk & the Universal entrance.
A quick pic with Curious George...
Before getting on Kailee's new fave ride! It wasn't open the last time we came. [in Feb]
So of course we had to try it out, regardless of the ridiculously long line. Kailee loves that you can pick your own music to ride too...and lucky her, gets to ride everything twice...thanks to baby swap!
Fishermans Wharf via Orlando, Fl
Jaws...looks hot, Kailee!
Lambie getting sleepy...waiting in line for MIB
Mommy & Ry, cooling off in the Coca-Cola misters
As we were leaving Universal and heading over to Islands of Adventure....Kailee found this very fitting hat!
My fave I of A ride...
The Hulk!
After getting soaked on a bunch of water rides...and riding SpiderMan & Duelling Dragons. We decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in the Seuss the patient little lovins could run around and have some fun too!
Haha...Daddy & Ry getting wet!
We got our fair share of water
Since the parks close at 6pm this time of year. I took the lovins back to the hotel to get ready for some swimming, while Kailee & Fred hit up the Hulk again!
There is a big spray ground attached to the pool.
Mommy & Lambie takin' a dip
After swimming we changed & headed over to City Walk for Kailee's Birthday dinner. She wasn't sure where she wanted to go...[in her defense there are SO many places to eat!] So after much debate we decided on the Hard Rock! Lambie was asleep when we arrived and Ryan fell asleep before they even brought our drinks. Lambie woke up in time for dinner...Ryan stayed passed out!
Whats a Birthday without alittle embarrassment!?

Enjoying her Birthday Sundae

Whelp, that's it for day 1! Much more to blog, but we are off to Kailee's 1st actual softball game of the season!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chocolate covered frozen banana's

Fred's coming home tomorrow and we wanted to make him a special treat. My kids are banana-fanatics and right next to the stand was a kit to make chocolate covered frozen banana's! YUM, right!? So after dipping the 'naners...of course I let the kids taste the 'fruit' of their labor! [badump-bump...chshhh]
They were huge fans...and can't wait to have more tomorrow!
But, I REALLY can't wait for tomorrow...I won't be able to sleep tonight [ha, like I ever sleep anyways] aside from last minute laundry & packing...Fred comes home after 2 weeks away, Kailee still thinks we are going to Six Flags [even after I stupidly had her do an essay on the flooding in Ga] OMG, I can't wait to see how surprised she is when we get to her Birthday destination...Ryan too for that matter! Ahhhhh...k, I'm off! Night all!