Thursday, April 30, 2009

[officially] Accepted!

Kailee received her acceptance letter to the Performing Arts Academy @ Shuman Middle school today! [OMG, do I really have a Middle Schooler!? Uh ya...almost] Anyways, her chorus teacher recommend that she go there, so we decided to check out the school and attend the Open House. While we were at the open house, Kailee auditioned for the Drama teacher, so after running through a script with the teacher & Fred, doing alittle improv, Kailee was...[drum roll please]...accepted on the spot! All this was 'unofficial' because we were waiting for recommendations from 2 of her teachers. But, we got everything squared away and the only thing left to do was wait for the letter!
Reading her acceptance letter!
We are all beyond proud of her!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

This is just a quick Happy Birthday to the Most Adored Grandfather on the planet! [But hey, we're partial]! I really wish we were in UT celebrating with you! We miss you so much! Hope you had a wonderful birthday...LOTS of XOXO's!
[GO Niners!]

An oldie but goodie... Love you, Dad!

[It's not everyday you turn 52!]

Ahahahaha, just re-read this blog next year!

Soft play kinda day!

Lambie & I spent the morning shopping, sipping Starbucks [organic milk for the little Miss] and hanging out at the soft play! We like this soft play alittle better than the Oglethorpe one. It's relatively new and cootie, it's much closer to our house!
.spin spin spin.
My pelican...
Taking a breather... Hey!
Weeeeee... After the soft play we had lunch with our favorite soldier!
How to feed a daddy fries...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tee Time

Fred had the day off today, so after dropping Ry off at school we went out for breakfast! [yummy strawberry crepes] And since it was so nice out we decided to play 9 holes... To busy taking pics to hold the pin.
[My paparazzi tendencies have totally rubbed off on him]
Daddy has the cutest caddy...EVER! Golf & Argyle go hand in hand...
[what was once a cute sweater dress is now just a sweater! LOL]
Cruising in the golf cart...she LOVED it!
Because I was squatting to take her picture...she decided to squat also!
This evening...
It's not everyday you see a Blackhawk flying around w/4 dummies on a rope!
[from your backyard]

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chalk + SCAD = Art

Before Friday even rolled around, Fred and I decided that we were going to have a nice, RELAXING weekend @ home! HA! We woke up yesterday to a gorgeous day, so we thought a picnic in the park would be fun & low key...but, as we got closer to Forsyth, clearly something was going on...We had no idea that it was SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival time again.
Even with the massive crowds we still managed to enjoy a picnic lunch!
Goofin' around
The string of pearls dance
Your guess is as good as mine...!?
We want a pitcher...not a belly itcher!
What an arm!
Who said, throwing like a girl is a bad thing!?
GIANT inflatable fun!
Creativity at it's best...
Covered in glitter...
Tie dye shaving cream bookmarks!
The funnest projects are the messiest
Hundreds and hundreds of chalk art displays!
Just a few... Like our day didn't turn out to be busy enough...We still managed to squeeze in a movie!
Monsters vs Aliens
Even the previews were in 3D She actually kept them on...for the most part!