Wednesday, September 26, 2012

15!? No way...

Another year, brings another birthday for our biggest Lovin! This year we celebrated the weekend before by spending the day SHOPPING with her best friend Caitlyn in Hilton Head, then dinner at her favorite place...Olive Garden! It was a looooong day, but she got LOTS of great cute clothes and her very first pair of RayBans!

But to make sure we celebrated the actual was 'ninja food' for dinner!

...and then delicious Coldstone ice cream cake!

We love you SO much Bear!!! May all your birthday wishes come true...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big Girl.

It's so much fun, watching this sweet little girl grow!

Go. Go. Go. She's always on the move!

And since she's such a HUGE fan of pouches...we decided to give Sili Squeeze a try!

...and they were a big hit, with both girls!

But, speaking of watching her 14mo we decided to give Lambie's old Britax Boulevard a try!

As always a great fit, makes for comfy...happy babies!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here, there & every where!

After ballet, we decided to pick up Cait & head out to Oatland island!

Lambie & her sweet smile.

Our beautiful Lovins.

Chloe. Checking out the chickens, ducks & geese.


We worked up quite the appetite wandering around Oatland Island for a couple hours, so we decided to head downtown for some yummy Cilantro's! Which is about the time we got the msg that Tricia was heading out to Tybee, so we thought...what the heck, it's Saturday...why not!? I swung into Gap, picked up a couple of swimsuits for the Lovins...then it was out to Tybee for a little evening beach action!
 Cameron...making it look easy!

Being later in the evening, there were actually some waves...

...and he caught a few good ones!

'cause someone has too much time on their hands, to drag a palm stump down to the shore.

This is the...yes, I know I'm cute smile!


What a day...what a life!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th.

Before I get to a couple cute little pics of Chloe...let me first say:

We are missing you like Cuh-RAZY!!!

Onto our sweet girl...eating her FAVORITE Starbucks treat!

Enjoying the cool weather...

...Just reading the classics!
[Pride & Prejudice]

And if you didn't know...these board books by BabyLit are SO cute and have cool illustrations. I'm convinced we need the whole series! lol 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Bugaboo Universal Organizer.

Oh...we all know I love my strollers, well I love all the little accessories just as much. The Bee Plus has a very roomy basket, but sometimes it can be a pain to dig things out of it since it's only accessible from the front and well, there are times you don't need the WHOLE diaper bag. The Bugaboo organizer is PERFECT. It holds your wallet, keys, cell phone, hand sanitizer, a couple diapers, sunglasses and a sippy cup...with some room to spare! Brilliant. It's meant to hook to the back of the Bugaboo seats or the handle bar but also worked nicely on the Bee as a pannier.