Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School '12-'13

It's that time of year again...the Lovins are back to school and THIS year brings the LONGEST carpool of my life!!! But, that's just the sacrifice you make for your kids education...[at least, that's what I tell myself]

Our big kindergartner, following in Sissy's footsteps.

Hey look. A name tag.

Our to 3rd grade!!!


We had a couple of "Firsts"...Lambie's first year of elementary school & Kai's first year of high school!

Yup, still can't believe she's in High School...holy moly.

Our big Lovins...making us proud!

...and one last shot of my freckle faced boy! Love him.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wrapping up our little vacay with a dip in the pool!!!

Mommy & Chloe just relaxing.


Too much fun for the sleep little baby!

Hi Mom.

I think the camera would've performed better in daylight...noted!

Oh wow...peace sign and duck lips!?

Our kids are crazy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SeaWorld 2012

While Daddy was home on R&R, we snuck down to Orlando for a little SeaWorld fun...and one last vacay before the Lovins head back to school!!!

Must not have been THAT exciting!?

"Hi Lambie"
She loved reading her name on the board!


Happy {sweaty} Baby.

Baby cute!

Feeding sharks...aka dropping shrimp into their tank.

Posing with the pearl divers.

Lambie was TOTALLY obsessed with the divers!

Wonder what's inside...

Kailee's pearl, that we turned into a pretty little ring.

Nice throw, Lambie!

Uhmmmm. Ew.

Not amused. C'mon kid, just throw it already!

 RyGuy, picking a lucky Ray!

He won a lucky 'Yosemite Sam' stache!

Feeding the ray's...

A ray, just coming up to say Hi!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1st Birthday PAR-TAY!!!

We decided to hold off on an actual 1st Birthday "Party" till Daddy was home on R&R from Honduras...which wasn't until the 2nd week of August. But, it was definitely worth the wait to get a chance to celebrate with our Savannah 'family', who we are SO lucky to have!!!

Little Fairy.

The heat and humidity quickly got to the poor cake!

 Soon...Alyssa will be celebrating her 1st birthday too!

We all love Fred's cooking!

Fresh Bruschetta.

 Lambie grubbing.

A couple of our favorites!!!

Sweet Gabriel!

The birthday girl, hanging out with Cameron!

Beautiful Bella.

 Smash cake time!!!

The Dad's chillen.

Go Jack Jack!

Pinata's are always fun!!!

Kids, every where!

Grumpy bubbie...didn't get a chance to swing at the pinata!

Little Anniston.

Romi, showing me ALL her pinata treats.

Ms. Tricia, doing her thing...she got our cranky {sick} little Birthday Girl down for a nap!

As you can see, we are transitioning the blog from the time consuming 'round' regular ole 90 degrees. Bare with the jumbled apologies!