Monday, August 31, 2009

End of Summer oh nine

With the kids starting school tomorrow...we decided to take a trip out to Tybee for a little fun in the sun! I'm sure it's not our last trip out there...but, it is our last trip before we get back to the daily grind of the school year! It was an exceptionally gorgeous day...the water was warm and the breeze felt nice, the lovins jumped right in!
.water fight.
Daddy taking Ry out for a swim
...and that's about the time Brooke showed up!
Kailee was SUPER excited to see her...
Building sand castles
Random kite boarders
Ryan filling in the sand river
This was my workout for the day!
After the beach we headed over to Memorial Park to celebrate lil Brooke's 11th Birthday
Brooke & Kailee Bear
Laughing at lil Brooke, shoeing flies!
OH...I forgot to mention that Fred got stung by a jelly fish! OUCH! But, there was no stopping our fabulous day!
Tonight we have Kailee's Open House...and then it's officially Back to School for these lovins!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Open house & out to lunch

Reality is setting in, that my baby boy is about to be a real Kindergartner! Even though school doesn't start till next Tuesday, today we attended Ryan's open house and it really hit me. I think Ryan lucked into another great teacher. Mrs. Ng, seems very sweet, patient and insanely energetic...which she'll need with Ryan in her class! LOL Ryan was VERY excited to find his cubby and see his name on things around the classroom...I don't know how, but we managed to get a couple kids who LOVE going to school! After the open house we were all a bit hungry, so we drove across town to Olive Garden [which is Kailee's FAVE restaurant] to have lunch! On our drive, Kailee played DJ and stumbled across Madonna's 'Vogue' after explaining the dance fad from the early 90's...we all started goofing around and 'Voguing'! times, with my crazy kids!
Ryan's 'Voguing' was more like the Robot Miss Priss, waiting for our table
Don't you dare spit it out!
I have NO idea where the day went!? We got home...took a quick stroll with Colton Man & Melissa and before I knew it, dinner was done and now kids are off to bed! I am really going to miss the long summer days of lounging, Starbucks and playdates! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...I am curious to see what ours has in store with this blah rain...but I do know, tonight will be spent watching movies & snuggin' the hubster!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After what seems like, the longest summer ever...Kailee is back home! Yay! So with school starting right around the corner...I guess that's more sleeping in!
Happy to be home...and to see her room NOT in the condition she left it! aka...a mess Writing in her notebook
Because Fred HAD to attend this silly school bus meeting, Ryan spent the night with Brooke. So we met early this morning for alittle Starbucks...Ry was SO excited to see his big sissy!
He made me take his picture like this!
Peppermint Hot Chocolate...yum!
Kailee, Brooke & Ryan
After Brooke headed off to work, the lovins and I walked over to Atlanta Bread Company for some breakfast!
.My Lovins.
I am just one happy mama!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Monday

Well, aside from a completely traumatizing trip to Walmart to exchange [what I thought was] the wrong prescription contacts...only to find out that I've been wearing the wrong prescription for A YEAR! So my right eye feels noticeably weaker, probably because it's adjusted to seeing better...OR the wrong box is actually what I should be wearing and the Optometrist is incompetent...cause clearly...someone over there is! But, now that my prescription is expired they can't do anything for me, but schedule another eye exam...FINE! [It'll have to wait till the kids are back in school though] The HAPPY part of the day is Starbucks...and...
Ryan got a SUPER cool hockey shirt from the McGee's!
He totally loves it...tell Sean he did good, Melissa! It was SO gorgeous out & best of all...NO sand gnats! I'm gonna get you, Daddy! .i love this face.
Ugh...does it get any cuter!?
Ha...from ALL smiles to super serious!
It's gonna be a fabulous week...Kailee comes home Wed.
CAN'T WAIT!!! all my Mommy readers...there is a giveaway at In The Know Mom!
[click the pic]

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet Sundays

Fred had staff duty Saturday, which pretty much consumes his entire weekend...So the lovins and I spent our days playing and our nights snuggin'! Yesterday it stormed, so we were more than ecstatic about getting out and enjoying the sunshine today!!! After, Starbucks & the softplay of course...
Isn't this life...
Boys & Girls in a constant tug-o-war!
Tie him up tight, Liliana

[if you haven't noticed...I had a little fun w/the x-processing effect] Sweet Lambie Colton Man Mmm Mmm...Dinner Weeee....

The 3 Amigo's [gotta love summer time in Savannah] He's one bad Mo Fo!

Miss Melissa is SO funny Look...if you're not gonna push me Mom...I'll walk! That's my quick little blog for the night! I'm off to have a 'healthy' serving of my hubbies delish Apple Crisp! Melissa...yours is on it's way! [LOL, I'm walking out the door, now!]