Sunday, September 26, 2010

Officially a teenager!

Oh, how the years have flown by...
Ps. You'll always be my baby!
Click the link to check out pics from...
Kai's Awesome Birthday Party!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let the birthday celebrating begin...

Before we get to the celebrating...just a couple pics from earlier in the day. Lambie & I, met up with Lindsey & Cata for storytime and after arts & crafts in honor of Fall. [my FAVE season]
She did such a good job and wants to send it to daddy! :]
So after school, Kai went over to a friends house...a couple hours later, we picked her up and were off to dinner @ Macaroni Grill [her choice] so that we could start the birthday festivities...which will continue till NEXT weekend! LOL
Ryan was playing footbal w/the big boys and ended up in an ant hill. Black ants aren't like Cali black ants, that just want food...these suckers are out for blood! Check out the gnarly welts. :/ He's such a trooper though!
.my girls.

Here sissy...for you!

Oh...what is it!? .sa-weet.
The next day, we took Kai to the airport were she is jet setting off to Cali to celebrate her BIG 1-3 Birthday @ her dad's, were they have a super fun party planned for her!
With some time to kill, we grabbed lunch at Nathan's.
...and then she was off!
WAIT Sissy...don't go! It's always an adventure. Lambie lizard chasing!
She said,"Him too fast for me!" ;] It was a gorgeous day...
Anyways, I can't believe my 'baby' is a TEEN-ager!? I'm sure you'll 'read' me say that a dozen more times before the week is It's amazing how time flies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend...the lovins & I are pooped from a neighbors birthday party and bed is long over due!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The highlight of our weekend...

We really didn't do much this weekend...atleast not compared to our usual running around, fun having kinda weekends! We are 10.5 months into this deployment and a weekend 'off' was long overdue...I have to admit the kids loved it! All day...everyday, was spent with their friends! Bike riding, sword fighting, roller blading and in Kai's case...hanging out w/the girls & gossiping! It reminded me...that whether we are on the go or doing nothing at all, my kids are happy & healthy and there isn't much more I could ask for!
We did get a chance to video chat w/Fred! Which was the highlight of our weekend! Oh Em Gee...the kids were being so spastic. Part of it had to do with being excited to see Daddy...but, I think the large majority of their goofiness can be attributed to seeing themselves on the laptop screen! Even my Mom fell victim to the craziness, during her nightly commute
Video chatting w/Daddy!
Oh, so in other news...Lambie's crib was recalled MONTHS ago. It wasn't even a drop-side, how crazy is that!? Anyways, I finally got around to using the voucher...with literally days to spare. And I have to give a shout out to my homie Shawna, who helped me schlep this thing home, cause it was too big for my car! But, I absolutely LOVE this crib and I hope we get around to using it! ;] Till then, it's staying in the box...taking up space we don't have in the garage! LOL
'Maybe Baby 2.0'!? Who knows... Simple & gender neutral... Whelp, that's about it. We're just gearing up for Kai's 13th...Yes, 1-3-th birthday. She's off to Cali for a few days, they've got an awesome birthday bash planned for her...then it's back home for more celebrating! ;]

Thursday, September 16, 2010

.Roundhouse Museum.

.Happy Birthday, Gavin.
Wednesday, we met up with Kara & Gavin @ the Roundhouse Museum in downtown Savannah! 4 years here and it's apparent, we still haven't fully explored the city. I can't wait to take the kids back on the weekend so we can squeeze in a train ride, Ryan will LOVE it! Lambie sure had a fun time...
Time for a stroll...
Time for presents... Time to explore...
Time to play...
Whatever, if your husband has been gone as long as mine...
You'd take a picture of it too! LOL jk
Lambie by the fountain in the workers garden.
She stole my wallet & threw a couple bucks worth of change into it!
.my fave.
Kara is brilliant!
The whole place is beautiful. So many great photo ops... Lambie playing w/baby Stella!
.Kara & Gavin.
.sweet kisses.
The weather was gorgeous, it was a great day for some outdoors kinda fun. After we wrapped up our tour, we headed to Carlito's for some yummy lunch. Kara was kind enough to cool me off, with a crotch full of ice Who said kids are the messy ones!? Then it was more errands for Lambie & I, before having to pick up Kai from school.
Anyways, thanks for inviting us to share Gavins special day...we had bunches of fun!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Normally, I'm against household appliances as gifts! lol But, there are instances...[especially, when they come for no reason]...when I will gladly welcome a new kitchen gadget! ;] Depressing as it all seems...the reality is, [with Fred deployed] I have no need to make an entire pot of coffee, when 1 cup is more than enough. I've struggled with this deployment after deployment and I think the only reason we didn't get one sooner is because, going to Starbucks provided me with motivation to get up & outa the house. Now that my motivation is driving kids to school [thanks to Kai's lack of a bus stop] I don't always have time for a 'pit stop', so even though this will in no way replace my beloved venti white will atleast make the dreaded carpool a 'wee' bit more enjoyable!
.delish. Now, to order the carousel and I'll be set! ;] Thx Babe, it totally rocks & I love it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

.9 & 29.

.9 years ago.
It's a day, I'm sure none of us have forgotten. .29 years ago.
My amazing hubby was born! Definitely a day to be celebrated...I can't imagine our lives without him! Unfortunately, because of the events noted above...he's spending a 3rd birthday deployed, half a world away.
So we sent him some goodies, to remind him we are always thinking about him...
[though, I'm sure he knows] It's football season, baby...Official Side Line cap!
To wear while playing
And because there is always 'something' new with these guys, some crazy fad or scheme...last deployment was cigars, this deployment...spear fishing & home brew kits!? [insert eye roll] But, I love this is waiting for him in the garage till he gets home! It looks like fun, but seriously...what am I getting myself into!?
.i la foo, knuckles.
I hope you found a way to enjoy your day! We miss you SO very much and are counting down the days till we are together again...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

.Labor Day Weekend.

We caught 3 games this
.Friday. Lambie rockin' her new Gnats hat!
We picked up Kai's friend Danielle who was spending the night. I don't have many pics, the game was 'eh' and they lost...but on the plus side, it was post game fireworks which is always fun!
The girls stayed up late, so we didn't take Danielle home till late the next day...but after that, we headed out to Tybee to hang with Brookie!
We didn't last long at the beach, it started to drizzle alittle and because we got out there so late, the kids were ready for dinner. So I called in Spanky's, while we vegged out and waited for the nights festivities to begin!
Don't drop her, Kai! LOL...she loves it!
So after dinner, we strolled down to the pier. They had a Jimmy Buffet cover band playing.
So we
...and watched!
...and goofed around!
It was really crowded and hot on the pier, ice cream sounded it was off to Seaweeds.
Delicious...and worth it, considering we passed 4 other ice cream shops along the way! LOL
The night ended w/fireworks off the pier, luckily we didn't have to hang with the masses...there is an amazing view of them from Brooke's porch!
More Gnats! $1 Monday, can't beat that...
.snow cones.
.sassy pants.
I can't believe it took me SO long to blog this. I've been laggin' big time. We are just always on the's hard to catch up!