Monday, October 31, 2011

.Trick or Treat.

Chloe's 1st Halloween! 

Lambie helping Daddy scooping out the guts. She really enjoyed it!

But, not as much as she loved dressing up! She still tries to wear the poodle skirt. lol

Ryan aka Snake Eyes

The little lovins, dressed up and ready to trick or treat.

It was alittle chilly, so she hung out in the carry cot for most of the night.

Lambie helped me pass out candy while we waited for Kailee, Nicole & Daddy to get home from soccer practice.

Finally home...and we're off!

Nicole, Jacob & Kailee...never too cool to get free candy, I guess!?

A few pics of Chloe's costume, from when it first arrived at the beginning of the month.

Isn't she the cutest little mermaid!?

...and since no one Boo'd the neighbors who started the boo'ing. Fred & I put together a basket for them...

The kids made out nicely...lots of candy for Mommy & Daddy to 'inspect'! It's such a bummer, that this is Fred's last holiday with us for the next we certainly enjoyed the time we were able to spend together!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party

Halloween is a fun time of year. Costumes, parties...candy! So we headed over to a friends, for a little get together. Lots of yummy treats...

Our host & his adorable sponge.

Lambie & Maddie, rockin' out.

Daddy & the ghost baby.

Get it Ry, shake that thing!

Lambie schooling Daddy at ping pong!

The next few pics are just random party people pics...

We didn't stay too late since we had the little Lovins with us. [Kai was spending the night at a most weekends] But, we all had a great time & love spending time with Eli and his girls.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween is coming...

Raven Co. haunted house!

They did it up pretty big. Even had the theatre dept. at a local University come in and do make-up! It worked, cause poor Ryan went through the 'non G-rated' version and was terrified!!!

Getting ready to take another group through...

Curlers in - check...Mani w/crackle polish - check...

New outfit - check...ready for the Halloween Dance - check!
^gorgeous girl ^

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our kids are insanely active and keep me super busy! Aside from hockey, Ryan decided to pick up a few weeks of tennis...

He's kind of a natural...and cute like Roddick...

...with a temper like McEnroe!!!

Kailee, finishing up soccer for the Y!

Always in the middle of the action!


She can hustle...

What the Lovins did while Sissy played soccer...

They loved spinning in the tire swing!!!

The West Chatham Ymca has an awesome playground!

That's about it for on to Volleyball & the one constant we call Hockey!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We've been Boo'd!

This is the first time, in the history of our neighborhood that the Boo'ing has gone around! It's such a fun idea...I'm so glad our neighbor decided to start it! 

Usually, it's just a bag of candy...but our Boo'ers were very generous. The bucket it came in was PERFECT for passing out candy!

The Boo baskets we made! The kids had so much fun sneaking around the neighborhood, ringing doorbells and running. I can't wait to do it again next year!

And I can't forget crazy hair day at school!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

.3 Months.

Look who is 3 months old!

Some of her current faves: Putting EVERYTHING in her mouth...

...and blowing bubbles! lol

She also likes to spin in circles on her playmat and pinch my boobs while nursing.
Oh the joys of motherhood ;]

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Progress on the girls room...

Still a work in progress...but, only a few minor details left.
Chloe's little crib nook.

I layed her down in her crib for the first time and she loved it!

So content!

Damask paintable wall paper...LOVE!


Lambie's butterflies...she loves them!

Still room for her kitchen and thanks to the colors in her Paris Toile PBK bedding, it still matches! :]

I love the way it's coming together!