Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hull Park (mini Maggie's reunion)

Such a fun morning!!! The lovins and I headed over to Hull Park to check out their spray ground and meet up with Brooke & some other Maggie's kids from Ryan's class last year! The park is great, abundantly shaded, 2 new play structures...but, the 'spray ground' could use alittle work! It's still great, old...but it totally reminds me of hanging out at Serra Park when I was little.
Lambie wasn't sure what to think...
But, Ryan jumped right in! ...and immediately got to playing w/Isobel & Avery .snack time. Awwww...look who showed up! .Daddy. No matter how busy his day, he's always making time for us! Haha
Now we are on to the play ground
Go Squirrel Go
Now that the crazy big kids are on the other playground...
Lambie's taking a spin on the merry go round
Okay...Mommy will go too!
Miss Brooke & her babes!
SO exhausted, but the nap only lasted as long as our drive to Moe's. [Welcome to Moe's]
To top all this off...we ran into Isabell & Sydney from our trip to St. Simon's Island w/Chaila & Davis last month! Lauren had SO much fun hanging out with a friend her own age...[Sydney] We will definitely be heading back to Hull Park soon!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week...


  1. Haha, poor Lambie. She's pooped! That first pic of Lambie all trying to determine her thoughts about the park is seriously adorable. She's beautiful! Ry cracks me up! :) When do you catch your breath?

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Sierra Park! LOL!


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