Friday, July 03, 2009

Beach Bums

Thanks to Brooke...the lovins and I, are becoming total beach bums! But, the reason we headed out to Tybee on Thursday morning was too see one of the Ranger units jumping. The coolest thing is that Brock [the other cute little blonde] was there to watch his dad jump!
Brock w/the binoculars...watching his dad! Lambie making herself right @ home in Brooke's bed
Taking the elevator...Lambie calling 'her people'
Our first stop was Subway for a little grub...then we headed down to the beach
Ryan is a boogie boarding fool!
The morning surf is much smoother, Lauren likes it that wayOh no... It got her!
Brooke & the boys
Fred headed out to Tybee after work...he made it there just in time to head over to Seaweeds with us! Sno Cones and ice cream on a hot day...yummy but oh so messy! After our little break we headed back to the beach for a bit.
[Brooke...if you have the pics from seaweeds, please send 'em]
But the party didn't end there! LOL After dropping Brock off, Brooke headed over to our house for some Sangria and Salsa. Fred grilled up some yummy carne asada! Mike, Amy & the boys also joined in the fun. Everyone headed out around 10...even Ryan who was spending the night at Brooke's!
Brooke & Ryan scooter racing! OMG, poor Lambie!
There is a wasp nest in one of our shrubs and Lambie must've made them mad, because one of them stung her poor little hand! But, she's a trooper...and even though there was some crying involved...she let me clean it and put insect sting relief on, before slapping a bandaid on it!
I still have more bloggin' to do...but, we'll be hanging out on Lakeview w/the rest of our neighbors today...celebrating the 4th!
I hope everyone has an awesome [&& safe] 4th of July!!!


  1. oh so cute!! I feel like i'm not keeping up with your blogs! I've missed you online!! sniff sniff. Looks like so much fun. Poor lambie :(

  2. Hi Mommy, it's Kailee. Gena helped me check the blog. All of the pictures are so cute!

    Miss you guys!


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