Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Ry Guy is 6!

Our little man is turning 6!!! Well, not yet exactly...his B-day is on the 25th! But, what fun is a pool party on a school night?! I just can't believe it...time is flying, like it always does! What's next...7...8...9?! Ok ya, obviously...but you get my point! They just grow up WAY too fast...
What's a pirate party w/out the ship?!.slide. The pool going alittle crazy!
Is he giving me the stink eye!? Mac in Colton Man's pool
C'mon Ry, don't just laugh at it!
Swing Hannah!
Go Mary...
LOL...Melissa looks determined!
{watch out, kids}
Way to go, Kai...ya did it again!
.cake. .presents.
He just LOVES some Transformers...good thing cause he acquired atleast 5 new ones yesterday!
OH! You thought this toy was for Ryan?!
Winding down after the party...Davis & Ry playing his new DSi games!
Two parties in back to back weekends...this Mama is pooped! Honestly, I'm glad we are done w/Birthdays till Sept. [when I get hit with 2 more!] LOL Ryan informed me last night he had a GREAT day [while begging me to open, "just one more Transformer?!"] thanks to everyone who came! And of course our fabulous neighbors...who, once again...were an AMAZING help! You guys are the BEST!

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