Friday, June 10, 2011

Mandatory Fun Day

What does Daddy do!? That's exactly what we learned from the Raven Family [Mandatory] Fun

It's no surprise that Ryan had a BLAST!

With a brother like Ryan...wrapping bandages is a good skill to have!

Not exactly a horse drawn carriage, but Princess Lambie enjoyed the lift!

Chillen' in the back of the humvee...

...more guns!

This was their favorite part of the day...guess Daddy has a pretty cool job!


They were given certificates & even got pinned!

Just one of my fave pics from the day...

The heat was pretty unbearable. 30+ weeks pregnant definitely didn't help...but, it was pretty cool for the kids to see what their Daddy does. Especially, when it's this job that takes him so far away from us...way too often and for way too long!

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